Changes, some good, some welllll we will see how that works and some unknown lol.....

Well its been a busy time around here,,,

This time of year the Interior Design field heats up just like retail. Everyone wanting their home to look lovely for the holidays :O) So I have been really busy with work.

I have embarked on learning a new skill, something I have often thought of doing but let the "what if" keep me from doing it.
I am taking online courses in computer programming,  they call it coding now not computer programming. :O)  Where will this lead, well I don't know! But it something I have always wanted to learn. So far I am loving it! Though I will admit with work its a bit of a struggle to keep up.

Honeyman and I  have been rethinking our long term plans. I can tell you giving up a dream is not a easy thing. Even thinking you are giving up a dream you have had for quite a while is very difficult...But I can also tell you that I think sometimes its good to stop, step back, try to look at something from a new perspective...where your headed etc.

The winter graden rows are doing well! I have planted lots of yummy winter veggies. My onions are coming up and today I planted some elephant garlic. I have more to plant. I ordered some regular seed garlic as well and it should be in any day. Decided to plant that at the last minute. Well ok, the sale they had on the seed garlic help me decide as well. LOL

Lots of changes here at our place. Not sure where it will all lead but that's ok. Yes I actually said that.... I am trying to stop thinking I must know the entire outcome of every single decision before I act. LOL I am a planner by nature, its how I do things. I like to have a plan .. expect it to go as planned LOL... Its the Capricorn in me. LOL But I have learned over 50 yrs of life.. Rarely does a plan go to plan ROFL... But I still plan anyway.


PioneerPreppy said...

So does this mean your giving up the tractor modeling career we so carefully picked out for you to start?

I am heart broken :(

1st Man said...

I take it the move isn't happening at this time? Hey, I speak from experience....I wanted, in fact, planned to have some land for years....even started a binder/scrapbook of 'ideas' and things I wanted to do. Then I met 2nd Man, and for 12 of our so far 16 years, we hoped and planned but sort of gave up on actually seeking it out. Then, out of the blue, when we least expected it, things fell into place. We were going to have land and build on it later, and then we had the farmhouse come into our lives first, then more land later. Go figure, ha.

I like this quote: "We must have faith that the Universe is unfolding as it should".

jp@A Green Ridge said...

As a Caprcorn, I fully understand about plans all too well...:)JP

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

It is hard to let go of plans. I have been there too.

I need to plant some garlic!

Inger said...

I'm with you on the planning and where it sometimes leads to or not. Coding classes sound like a lot of fun. I hope to study the US Constitution once I'm done with all I have to get done around here. The citizenship classes are so dumbed down that you don't really learn much and in school in Sweden we didn't go into US history in-depth. So that's a plan, we'll see how it goes.

northsider said...

I always say:

"Nothing is written in stone."

We can always change our minds. I think you should always make plans and have dreams. Mine is to live somewhere warm some day.

Kim said...

Have you ever heard the saying, "I live for today, for tomorrow is but a plan"? Makes me crazy, lol, cause like you, I want my plans to be known to me and I want them carried out. The idea of not actually being able to control life is a crushing one. Letting a new plan bump another is okay, I think, and very freeing to be willing and allowing ourselves to grasp the concept of a change of plan, for they are made to be changed! Darn good thing lots of life is happening in spite of that. It's all good. And look at you, trying out new interests and changing things up makes you a very brave and adventurous woman. Good for you!

Margaret said...

It's wonderful that you are delving into something you have always wanted to do - I think many people tend to put off such things thinking that there will be a better or less busy time in the future, and there often never is.

I'm a planner too. That's probably why I also enjoy winter so much as I get to spend lots of time planning next years garden...which is ALWAYS a lesson in things not going according to plan ;)

Sandy Livesay said...


Plans are destined to change, that's why there called plans.
Take a deep breath, and soon you and your husband will have new plans.

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