Whats going on with me....

Hi guys, I am still here. I get out in blog land when I can and read. :O).
I have not been posting, so sorry. Just sooooooooo short on time right now.
Nothing bad, actually good! Business is good with my drapery workroom and I have decided to take on a farmers market as well. I know, what on earth was I thinking?
Wellllll I am thinking I would rather garden than anything else I can think of!
It is what makes my soul sing.
Sooooo I am trying to move in that direction, gardening for us and also see if I can make a bit of a biz out of it.
In the past here, a farmers market was a market where people were selling imported produce usually from Mexico (we do live in Texas) it was the same stuff you found at the grocery store. Sadly that is still what is at a lot of "farmers markets" it makes me crazy!!! :O(
BUT now organic, local grown has finalllllllly caught on. I have found a farmers market within driving distance in a town to try out.
I am going to keep my drapery work room open as well. I am trying to juggle both.
I enjoy reading you guys blogs as I can and will continue to do so. I will also post as I can.
Thanks for hanging in there with me.


PioneerPreppy said...

Some of the markets around here make the sellers sign a form saying they produced their wares or that they were produced locally and not simply purchased. Beating out the simple resellers is always a problem.

Oh ya and we know you been on a 2 month online rollplaying game binge. How's that Elf druid character working out for ya?

Sandy Livesay said...


Life keeps all of us very busy. Good to see you back on line.
You mentioned produce and veggies from Mexico being sold at the local farmers market. We used to have produce and veggies being sold at our farmers market from Texas and Arkansas. Most were locally grown however, you find the exceptions.

Margaret said...

Yes, non-local food sold at a farmers market completely defeats the purpose, doesn't it? Drives me crazy when I see that too - there's a reason they are called "farmers" markets, after all.

Our local market, which just started a few years ago, was aware that people often do that and they will not allow anyone to sell anything, whether produce or jams, baked goods, etc., until they've gone to the owners premises and confirmed that they actually produce what they sell.

Phuong said...

It's wonderful when business is good. And that is a fantastic idea, selling vegetables and fruit from your garden.

Henny Penny said...

I'm hoping everything works out with the farmer's market for you. You sure sound happy when you post about gardening, and you are a great gardener. I am happy for you! Nothing can compare with working outside. If I can just get through February!!! I really need some sunshine right now, and it's cloudy here with a chance of snow! :(

Inger said...

I didn't kow that about farmers' markets. All the best with your busy life. That's what you get for being so talented and creative. Hugs to Keeper.

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Good luck juggling everything in addition to "life"...:)JP

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