Well you know me I am a bit slow on the posting but then I usually post a long one!
I am very excited, my pomegranate trees are blooming! This is the first time since we put them in, 2.5 yrs ago.  They made it through last summer with that horrid drought and temperatures so in my book these guys are super fruit trees!
First they put on what looked like little pomegranates.
Then those opened up on the end to what was going to be a flower I was pretty sure. 
 Yep a pretty flower it is.

Update on cycling. Yes I keep the bikes inside the house in the office. We keep them in here so they stay clean and ready to roll. If you could see my garage right now you would totally understand sighhh.. anyway back to the cycling. 

1. Have we been using them, yes a lot!
2. Have we taken them anywhere to ride, yes several times. We recently took them to Lake Tawakoni and road the bike trails, major fun!
3. Are they worth the money, yes some of the best money we have spent I think!
4.  Would I buy the bikes again, in a heart beat!

 Helmets in office as well, Texas has a helmet law, so not a option. Though I would wear one anyway as I don't need my brains scrambled anymore than they are already ROFL.. The tire pump, you actually check your air pressure each time before you ride. Its quick and easy. Yes the pressure changes in them actually. 

 New item for my Etsy shop. I just love this! ummm no pun intended. A burlap pillow with Love embroidered in black on it. There is something about burlap is there not. It's just such a great decor fabric. It is good with almost any decor. It works with rustic obviously, its wonderful with lace and frills its the perfect contrast in a complimenting way. It also does formal, I know your shaking your head but you put this with a luxurious bedding ensemble, fantastic. 
 This will be in my etsy shop by the end of the day. 

Gardening is in full swing including watering. It just takes a lot of time to keep up with that. As a matter a fact we are so far into our gardening season here nurseries are already starting to clearance out their plants. We are fast approaching to hot to plant. I will be putting these guys in the ground today. I got them on a great clearance yesterday! When honeyman came home and saw yet more plants, he said "baby there are 27 acres here, I know your never going to be done planting" LOL  This time of year I can't leave the house without coming home with plants it seems. 
2 Pomegranate trees :O) and 7 Blackberry bushes.
 Last but not least, my volunteer compost plant. Seems every year something comes up in the compost pile. This is a squash, what squash I am not for sure. Either a Zucchini  or Yellow Squash but I am leaning toward Zucchini based on the little squashes I am seeing on it now. Perhaps a grey/green Zucchinni. The squash in my garden don't look this good and are no where near as big as this one LOL. 


TexWisGirl said...

i'm guessing i'll never get to meet up with you - you stay too dang busy!!! :)

that pillow is very chic. :)

TexWisGirl said...

well, guess if i'd let you steal my barn, we could meet then. :)

becky3086 said...

My pomegranate is blooming two but it only has a couple of blooms. I love their blooms though, they are so pretty.

Inger said...

I've never seen a pomegranate in bloom, so lovely. Good luck with the fruits, it looks promising though. I really like the pillow.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you've been very busy and productive. I do LOVE that pillow!

Aaron N Deskins said...

I havew never seen a pomegranate bloom before; looks like a nice plant though :)

Your Zucchini looks like its well on its way to Blue Ribbon growth!

Hilltop Homestead said...

I was wondering where you were hiding out. I was about to email you to check in. Good to see life is still good. Yeah for the fruit trees! Maybe we should plant pomegranate. I think out of the 4 trees we planted year before maybe only one made it. I am still hoping that two more that I can't see for the high grass made it. I know more when I scythe down the grass to them. - Genevieve

Hilltop Homestead said...
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Terry said...

Love the photo of the bikes looking out the window!
The pillow is darling.

Chris said...

Pomegranate?! You lucky girl! Wow I wish I could grow things like that here but I suspect it'd be far too cold.

I could do with getting on my bike myself - so I can reduce the size of my ass, LOL!

Love Of Quilts said...

I would like to have a pomegranate. I can't seem to come home with out something to plant myself.

Melodie said...

I kick my self for not getting some pomegranates when you did,but I was waiting to see if your s would live,lol! Looks like I am going to have to get some now!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

How cool that you grow pomegranates!

That's great you're getting so much use out of your bikes!

LOVE the Love pillow!

Carolyn said...

You have such a green thumb, so impressive, and that little love pillow is the CUTE-est! Good to hear the bikes are getting a workout :)