She was the boss, she was the queen of the herd... she was the BEST goaty friend ever...RIP

 RIP Cubey

I said many, many times, if all goats were like Cubey aka Sugarcube,  everyone would have 100 goats. She was the perfect goat! She was the sweetest, most loving little goat ever! We will miss her more than I can say.....

Changes, some good, some welllll we will see how that works and some unknown lol.....

Well its been a busy time around here,,,

This time of year the Interior Design field heats up just like retail. Everyone wanting their home to look lovely for the holidays :O) So I have been really busy with work.

I have embarked on learning a new skill, something I have often thought of doing but let the "what if" keep me from doing it.
I am taking online courses in computer programming,  they call it coding now not computer programming. :O)  Where will this lead, well I don't know! But it something I have always wanted to learn. So far I am loving it! Though I will admit with work its a bit of a struggle to keep up.

Honeyman and I  have been rethinking our long term plans. I can tell you giving up a dream is not a easy thing. Even thinking you are giving up a dream you have had for quite a while is very difficult...But I can also tell you that I think sometimes its good to stop, step back, try to look at something from a new perspective...where your headed etc.

The winter graden rows are doing well! I have planted lots of yummy winter veggies. My onions are coming up and today I planted some elephant garlic. I have more to plant. I ordered some regular seed garlic as well and it should be in any day. Decided to plant that at the last minute. Well ok, the sale they had on the seed garlic help me decide as well. LOL

Lots of changes here at our place. Not sure where it will all lead but that's ok. Yes I actually said that.... I am trying to stop thinking I must know the entire outcome of every single decision before I act. LOL I am a planner by nature, its how I do things. I like to have a plan .. expect it to go as planned LOL... Its the Capricorn in me. LOL But I have learned over 50 yrs of life.. Rarely does a plan go to plan ROFL... But I still plan anyway.

Seedlings up in the covered row and Keeper

We went on a road trip as you guys know to AR recently. Keeper went as well.
All cleaned up and ready to travel. His hair is still short believe it or not from his summer cut, but its starting to grow out now for winter.

 Tummy rubs are always a good thing.
 A GP in a Subaru Forester back seat is a full back seat.
 I am supervising here, making sure they load the baggage right!
 Snacks, I look so thin here LOL in this photo. I told Mom lets get 50 copies of this one. I am not thin LOL If you notice the kitchen cabinets to the left of me. Yes I am a tall boy.

Right after I planted the row that has the frost blanket we got rain and a lot of it!!! Our pont is full to the point of over flowing.. woowhooo
I looked today its been less than a week and look what was under the frost blanket!

 Keeper enjoying a stick in the garden ... See not thin lol a bit of a wide load LOL

Planted a few things in my winter rows and the cabin....

Today I planted a few things in my winter rows, we are suppose to get rain with luck tomorrow through Sunday we have a chance.
 I will weigh down the frost blanket edges for sure. I used my little clips I use for everything to attach it to the low tunnel frame for now. I tied knots on the ends. The other end you cant see I put some boards.. We have rebar sticks in our left over pile....I will put those on the side that the high hoop tunnel poles are on.. I will work it form the inside so that side I won't be taking the frost blanket on and off. Figured the rebar would work really good for the side I won't be opening.
 My frost blanket has a seam right down the middle as as you see... Honeyman ordered this frost blanket last year. He didn't think about how a 6 feet wide piece wouldn't work on a low tunnel by the time it went over it...  I said no problem I can just sew two pieces together..I folded the seams insides themselves and made two seams down it so I feel it will hold just fine.  he had got a 100 foot long piece. So that worked out perfect for me to cut it in half and sew it back together... I am going to order a 10 foot wide piece by 50 foot for the other row. I have to get that done.

We just came off of a stretch of 97 degree days so its hard to think winter garden lol. I have waited till now to put any seeds out. I read that a frost blanket will act as a shade cover as well, I hope that is true. Because we have already taken down the shade covers on the High tunnels and if we go back up that warm again these winter veggy seeds are going to need shade... Honeyman said we can put the shade cover back on the high tunnel if we need to. I am so curious to see how veggies do all winter under these frost blankets! I am planting alllll sorts of cold weather veggies to see how they do! I am only doing the two rows this year.. If this works out well I will add more rows next winter!

Now on another gardening issue.....I am thinking next spring of adding more depth to all of my raised beds.. I was thinking maybe another row of cinder blocks but ($$ ouch) or using that metal sheeting or something. Any thoughts from you guys on adding more depth inexpensively to my raised beds?

On the cabin..... No we are not getting it. Real Estate is one of the most aggravating things .... doesn't matter buy or sell!!! geesh.......  I was very disappointed but it was what it was and there wasn't anything I could do about it...... well onward and upward right.....

Cabin in the woods

 I maybe jinxing it but isn't this pretty! Its a property we are looking at in the Ozarks. :O) A Frame Cabin.  It looks kinda storybook doesn't it in the photos :O)
It is a fixer upper but we feel it has potential. The drive you see is off another drive off the main road. It sits to the back of the property so good privacy.
  If we get it I will show you lots of photos!

planting onion sets and what exactly is a Japanese onion

I am starting to think the onions sets I am planting here are what some of you guys are referring to as Japanese Onions. I looked up Japanese onion after a couple of you guys mentioned them in comments as I didn't know what they were....

From what I can tell  these onion sets we get here in the fall when the flower bulbs come in .....most likely are Japanese onions... One site I found said they were in fact. Some others suggested it... Either way they do good.. I do not have to cover them at all here..... they won't go under my row covers.. these made it through a light snow, a couple ices, and all the cold just fine last winter.

Here is my row I have planted... I have the yellow and the red ones in there.. I have about 2/3 bag of yellow ones left to plant somewhere else.

 It looks shady in this photo where they are but it won't be at all in another few weeks .. it gets a bit of mingled shade right now till all the leaves fall.  Which actually works out great during the summer the plants need a bit o shade to deal with our sun here...
 Coffee grounds, I keep all the used coffee grounds and I sprinkle them on my garden rows. We drink organic coffee so they are organic fertilizer! My neighbor who grows a lot of onions and I do mean a lot ... says he gives them his coffee grounds... So I started giving mine coffee grounds too.. I always put my left over coffee in my rows but once I plant onions I give it to them till they get up good. I also put in some bone meal and blood meal when I plant onions.

low tunnels for use this winter with a frost blanket

I plan to garden through winter this year. I have wanted to do it for a couple years but one thing or another kept me from getting set up.

We decided against framing in one of our metal high tunnels and using plastic on it.... why... heat build up... In zone 8 we get to warm to many days and the heat can build up really fast so I have read if you are over 40 during the day. Growing winter veggies from what I have read on others blog who do this and are growing in much, much colder climates than mine they are using nothing more than low tunnels with frost blankets or plastic. One gals blog that I really admire ... she likes the frost blankets the best.. She grows in zone 6b and has shown many photos of her winter greens and veggies alive and well and healthy under nothing more than a frost blanket.. Even photos with those low tunnels buried in snow and the veggies are fine under the frost blanket once she scoops off the snow lol... we don't get as cold every day but yet we can get very cold here as well at night for one and some during days... so I think over all the frost blankets will be the best answer for us here....

What we used and didn't use and why..
PVC and 9 gauge wire are used a lot from what I am seeing... but here PVC has no life span... the heat destroys it very quickly here if its out in the summer due to the heat.. it gets brittle in one summer and then breaks super easy, simply is baked I guess to the point of brittleness in our sun and heat.. since I am not sure if I will leave my arches in or pull them up each spring we decided against pvc.... 9 gauge wire... well I used that for the low tunnel I did over my saffron bed and it did ok... but it did give way in the torrential rains we had this last spring ...  it was covered with plastic so it was taking a lot of weight in all fairness... it folded... but I was able to pull it back up .. it was super easy for me bend by myself...

However..... We can get 1/4" steel rod here from the steel place cheaper than we can buy the 9 gauge wire at the big box stores.. and its much stronger...

Downside..its harder to bend.... but not for honeyman! He built a jig and bent all the arches for us.. we used 10' foot sticks of 1/4" steel rod.. which cost us 15 cents a foot.. so we had 1.50  in each arch.. Not bad...
We live rural and were able to buy it at a steel place, actually we had two to pick from both within 45 minutes of us. When you live rural to drive 45 minutes to somewhere is not bad at all. Do some research you probably have a place that sells steel rod.

Pushing the rod in the ground was kinda hard but honeyman could do it..I could not have ... well not without soaking the ground first .. we will see how it goes then .. we decided to soak the ground before doing the second row.. DUH ya I know should have done that on the first one LOL...

This is the jig honeyman made to bend the steel rods on ... made from left over pile of wood from one thing or another.

 This is hottie boy  I mean honeyman working :O)

um so ok you can't tell to much about what is going on with the arch here but I really liked this photo  

 and this photo :O) ... yes 32  years later still the cutest a** in Texas in my opinion :O)
 ok back to the project at hand.... bending the arches on the jig ...

The first row we did.. arches are about 32" apart... we are going to use frost blankets not plastic to cover these... for several reasons.... heat build up ... and water... etc..
yes we moved that trellis that was at the end 

When I get my frost blanket on one down the road I will show you guys pictures... I am excited and hopeful.. we will see how the winter veggies do growing through the winter....

While he was bending the rods I made him some snacks
Almond flour, walnut, chocolate chip cookies  These are so good.. nothing but almond flour, walnuts, maple syrup, walnut oil and chocolate chips , baking soda, salt.. thats it... sooo good

 Quiche ...
Pie crust, eggs, jalapeno, fresh spinach, onion, feta, cheddar, tomatoes, salt, pepper.... mmm its good

Onion sets..... onion starts and fall/winter planting ......

I picked up two more bags of the onion sets today.... I saw while I was out that winter vegetable seedlings were in the garden centers as well... One thing I saw that surprised me was the "other" kind of onion starts.. the one we buy in the spring that are in bundles and have little green tops on them... Yep I saw those at two garden centers today.. I thought mmmmm wonder how that would work out.......

No I didn't buy any of those kind of onions today.... BUT...... honeyman is framing in the ends on one hoop frame this weekend, that will give me two rows to work with.. putting in a door on each end and we are covering it all in plastic! I am going to see how growing inside it for the winter does....

Its my understanding these are called onions sets... the ones in the bundles that have the green tops on them too that are out in the spring are called onion starts.... if I have this straight lol

These are the ones I planted last year (yellow kind) that I wound up drying the tops and the bottoms and were so great. They never bulbed into big onions but they were great onions. They also dried so vibrant and pretty.  They were like green onions on steriods LOL... Kinda the size of a nice leek.. I dried the tops and the whites... 

Though we have warmed back up sighhhh 90 today and the next week 92, up to 95... now that doesn't make me feel much like winter veggies need to be out and if my hoop frame was all in plastic and only a door on each end to vent it????? I am thinking that it would be way to warm in there for winter vegetables at this stage... But I am going to plant it when I think we are safe to stay out of the 90s.. I may need to go ahead and pick up some cabbage seedlings now and just baby them in their six packs till I can plant them. I am thinking some Brussels sprouts as well... I have lots of greens seeds I am excited about and I am goin to try some fall radishes and try some beets and turnips.... I have never had a beet do squat here and I am hopeful that maybe over the winter I can get some to do something!!! Our weather is weird.. We are all over the place in the winter.. warm, cold, freezing in double digits, single digits.. you just don't know what its going to do. We can get snow, ice and we can also be wearing shorts on Christmas so its a crazy mix of temps here in the winter... lately our winters have been fairly cold so if that is a repeat the plastic covered hoop house should hopefully work out well!!!

Henny Penny I mailed the seeds today... they said 6 days... but could be sooner she said...

Drew the name for the seeds and planted some onion sets

Okay guys I put in the names folded up in a big bowl, though there were not many. I guess everyone has more seeds than they know what to do with LOL.... so I put the bowl down for Keeper to pick.. The piece of folded paper he nosed first I took out of the bowl...  ..... Henny Penny your name is the one Keeper nosed in the bowl first!!

So send me your address  and I will get these seeds off in the mail to you!

Its been gorgeous here the last couple days! I cannot stay in the house. I keep going back out to either sit and watch the chickens which I love to do or work on some project out there. I even managed to finish a book yesterday while sitting out watching the chickens...

I planted a bag of onion sets as I was pleased with how those onions did last year. No they never did bulb into big onions but I dried all  the nice big green tops and I dried the white parts which were like giant green onions. They have been wonderful to cook with. I put in one bag and I have decided to pick up another bag when I am out next to put in as well!

I took a couple days off from work. I was fast approaching burn out.... I had been working so much. I will be off work a couple more days then back at it :O).

Free Seeds Giveaway

I have gone through all my seeds. Now I have this pile of seeds..... I threw out ( shudder I know it was hard  but I did if they were older than 2012)..... In this pile there are seeds from 12, 13,14 etc... They have been stored properly. If you would like to have these just leave a comment to that effect and I will put everyone in a hat and draw a name.. There is a little bit of everything in these. Tomatoes, peppers, onions, beets, cucumbers, radish, carrots, beans, spinach, chard, squash, etc.
Some of the companies they came from, Baker Creek, Peaceful Valley Organics, Territorial Seeds, Sustainable Seed Company, etc....  :O)

Sorry but I am going to have to keep the shipping to the United States
I will leave this post up for a few days to give everyone time to see it then draw the name and let everyone know where the seeds are going...

What is your time really worth.....

Recently honeyman and I were discussing time..... What a persons time is really worth. 

Dollar wise what is your time worth?
Emotionally what is your time worth?
Physically what is your time worth?

When you really put some thought into this.... you maybe surprised to find out that your time is worth more than you ever imagined! :O)

Food for thought for sure!