Meet the new crew... 7 Angora Goats, 2 Bucks 5 Does and a spinning wheel, which there is no photo of. 
The perfect goats for a vegetarian. No worries someone will eat them if you have to sell some. These guys are fiber goats, not meat goats, not dairy goats. I don't plan on selling any of the kids for a long, long time. We will eventually reach capacity and I know I will have to. But people buy these goats for their fiber or because they are calm and make nice pets and they still make good clean up goats. Keeper adores these goats! They like him too!

You can see Cubey and her friends in the background. We will always have Cubey. :O)

He is great isn't he! Sooooo sweet, loves to be petted.
These are both the bucks, the one to the left has big old wide horns. The other fella is a bit smaller and has big horns but not as wide. You have to look out for those horns when you bring the feed! They don't try to get you but they move around of course to get the best spot to eat and if your in the way, yep you get frogged with a horn. 
Do you love this fellas horns. I named him Zeus
This little sweety has long ears and just looks like a Teddy Bear :O) 
This little girl had one broke horn but she is so sweet. She said I want to come home with you too. 
So she did! 

This girly has some big old curls and very soft hair. 

Lots of changes

Well no I have not fallen off the planet. :O).... I have gone back to work outside the farm and am still trying very hard to keep up with all my farm work as well!

I am back working in a field I worked in for years before the move to the farm 9 plus yrs ago. Interior Design. I am enjoying it.... but whew its been a HUGE adjustment :O). I am doing my best to keep up on the farm and with honeyman and work.

I am starting to feel like I have leveled off and am getting a bit of a groove with it all.

Being a fabric-a-holic myself .....working where there are 100s of bolts of home decor fabrics hanging and then seeing new pieces coming in daily to the work room to be made up into beautiful window treatments, duvets, dust ruffles, pillows etc. or going on furniture in the upholstery department... ewwwwww ya that's fun seeing all that fabric!!! I have been a part of making some stunning window treatments at the shop and have so enjoyed that! It feels good to work in a creative manner again and I get paid for doing it! :O)

I have been missing for a while from blog land and can't make any promises as to how often I will post. I read you guys blogs as I have time :O), though I don't  leave comments all the time. :O) ...

I am still swimming and loving it! My new job is at a Design Studio about 5 minutes from the gym I go to! Tell me this wasn't meant to work out.  I am still running but not as much as I am swimming :O).. though I can say the swimming is making me a much stronger runner!  When I ran this morning I thought to myself.. man that swimming is so paying off! I have my sights on a triathlon IF I can get in enough training time before this next March. That is a big IF. I still have to get in some cycling time to make it all come together... We will see how it all works out :O)...

Honeyman had some scares recently medically but all has turned out super... and we are very grateful for this! He is good, he is better than good :O)... We are so grateful!

Keeper is doing super! He has adjusted well to me not being with him every minute of the day. He is the best thing!

That about catches everyone up on where I have been. :O)

Our baby will be grown in a few more months....,Keeper is just the best thing. Ya he is spoiled rotten, yes he digs holes to china no matter how much we tell him not to. Yep he is huge...Yes he sheds hair ALL OVER the house, Yep he drags in enough sand to build a beach inside the house..... 

He also gives love in bazillion gallon sized amounts! He is totally protective of his Mom in a good way :O)... He is the sweetest thing that ever walked on four legs, he is just what his name says


Broom Bush just one of quite a few plants we got today!!! ... 90% off! Wooowhooo
We just happen to be at the right place at the right time :O). How often do you get to buy plants at that price LOL ...  $1.30, yep that is right, 3 gallon size pot, nice sized bushes... I bought some other plants as well for anywhere from .49 cents to $1.30 each.  I know its hard to believe and I was there :O)

Canned this morning,
Kumquats in honey ginger syrup! mmmm good
It just amazes me how long citrus will stay good on a tree! I have been picking and eating fresh kumquats since last fall. Isn't that amazing... I have just enough left on the tree to do a small batch of Kumquat marmalade.
 4lbs of Kumquats made seven, 10 oz jars. 

Keeper bumming treats :O)

We are trying the wire cage and hay/straw method this year for potatoes. 
We built these yesterday, put down a piece or hardware cloth wire to keep moles out of them! Put down a good pile of hay every where to help prevent weeds, then put liners inside made from weed cloth, filled with compost. 
As the potatoes make plants I will fill with hay/straw as they grow. The potatoes should make potatoes just all the way up in the hay straw. This is suppose to work :O). When its time to dig we unhook the wire and dump the whole thing on the ground. Easy tator digging for sure.

The three giant black pots honeyman got free from a tree landscaper on a job. These will be for our sweet potatoes! Not time to plant those yet but we got them put in place and filled with compost.

I was so tired last night from shoveling dirt to fill all these I couldn't even think.. That is a good tired  though no? Gardening tired is always a good feeling. Went to bed at 7:40 and slept 12 hours ROFL.
They are all a good 36" plus diameter.
We used left over fencing pieces to build them. 


Potatoes scabbing over. I have five varieties to try this year. 2 fingerling varieties, 2 red varieties and 1 russet.
As you can see some of my tators are sprouted heavily. Those are actually some potatoes that someone gave me last year they grew! I saved them for seed potatoes this year as theirs did very well.

My little greenhouse is stuffed full. It has 1 Kumquat, 2 lemon and 1 lime tree in it. I had to move the Avocado tree to the garage to move everything around to fit shelves for seedlings. I will be able to get them out soon as we will be past freezing dates soon.


Better attitude and fun things :O)

My new to me 1947 Curtis Payton Loom! It is in our garage in these photos as its to heavy for me to help honeyman carry it upstairs. Its been there for about two weeks... With luck someone is going to be at our house this weekend that can help honeyman carry this up the stairs to my sewing room. :O)



Another new to me... not a object but a ability! I can swim! Yes I have learned to swim :O)
I am tickled about this. 48 years old and I can now swim! As you guys know we live in a small rural town.. I have been going to a gym about 30 minutes from me in another small rural town...  They have a salt water indoor heated pool! Talk about a luxury :O).... Its actually a gym that is tied in with a medical facility. They do rehab and such there, but their gym has a lot to offer, the pool, work out equipment, classes.  The public can join the gym just like a regular gym offers. There I have learned to swim and am taking various water classes... This has been so very good for my shoulder/arm! Its almost back to normal!!!! :O)
It takes extra time out of my days being its an hour round trip driving for me, but its worth it.  As you guys know I have struggled with my running due to injuries and then the frozen shoulder in both my shoulders in the last two years. But I really feel like that is all behind me now. I am doing so much better I feel.
At this gym they do a very good fitness assessment on your fitness level, cardio, strength, body fat, weight etc etc... they will do them for you every six months if you like, its included in your membership.
 I kicked butt on the treadmill cardio test. :O). I know that's bragging but I have worked hard to earn those bragging rights :O). I was pleased with my whole fitness assessment, :O) I did good! It really gave me a nice lift in spirits and though yes I have had some set backs the last 2 years, apparently I have been able to hold my fitness level :O). It gave me a lot of motivation :O), I may not be able to do some of what I would like always....but I can do so many other things! Its given me a good attitude about doing what I can do and not focusing on what I can't do...
So if you can't do something, then find something else you can do! 
Conquer something new :O) its a real boost!!

Having farm animals, pets or predators is one of the best things and the worst things.
Their lives are in your hands. Having to make the decisions that have to be made on a farm tears at one's soul....

I recently saw this sign on pinterest. It struck a cord with me, I wrote what is below it. 

Keeper, since you guys asked :O)

Hi all Keeper here, my Mom was so touched everyone asked about me! 
Mom and I were organizing the canning jar closet and we decided to get some photos of me for you guys since everyone asked about me :O)....
Mom says if you click on my picture you can really get a good idea of how big I have gotten :O)
I am now one year and 4 months old. I am a big boy for sure. :O). The vet says I will be grown when I reach 2 years old.
My Mom says I am a most handsome fello. I think this is good as my Mom tells me this all the time when she is brushing me or petting me.  I have lots and lots and lots of pretty white hair!

I am VERY smart! I know many things. 
I know what
Sit and Stay mean and how to do them. 
I know what get in your crate means, I will go to my crate from anywhere in the house if I am asked to.
I know what treat means!
I know what goats are :O). Mom and I let them out every single morning and we put them up at night.
I know what the "girls" are, girls are chickens! tee hee
I walk wonderful on a lead....I learned that from Ms. Mikella at rescue, I am a joy to take for a walk.
I come to my Mom from anywhere when she calls ok 99% of the time :O). I get to roam all over here because I can't get off the property. So when we go outside to work I can go look around and play but if my Mom calls I come running, most of the time :O). 

I love other animals :O). I am very sweet natured with them. Even when they are not with me. I don't let that work me up. I figure I scare them as they maybe a tiny little dog and I am huge. So if they act ugly to me I just ignore them or give them my "really you sure you want to go there look" LOL 
It tickles my Mom.  My Mom says I am such a good boy.
I have a girlfriend :O), I see her when we go for walks sometimes. I give her kisses on the face. She is part Great Dane and part something else. She is tall like I am. I gave her kisses the first time we met!. tee hee
Her Dad walks her on our road so we see her a lot when we go out for a walk on our road.

My job is to help Mom, I go out the door every single time she does. No matter where I am I keep a eye on my Mom. My job is to make sure she is okay and I do a good job at that. 
I make it clear if someone comes here that I will not put up with any nonsense where my Mom is concerned. 
I am not at all out of line with it, but I am very clear about the matter.

My Mom and Dad love me lots and lot and lots and that makes for a very happy BIG white dog :O)

I look a bit chunky in this next photo tee hee, I am not at all. I am hairy LOL. Big I am but I am fit as a fiddle.

Mom said ya'll would like to see my tail so here ya go I have a big old fluffy tail :O) Lots of the time I carry my tail up in the air curled over my back :O)

I am in a handsome fella pose here. :O) I do wear a collar and tags all of the time, you just can't see it for all my hair :O)

Mom says we have to get back to the closets now. Bye all and thank you all for asking about me!
Keeper :O)
Honeyman and I are still here. I am still MIA in blog land for the most part.
Time to start seedlings, planted several trays today.

The girls (chickens) are almost grown. We managed to keep all 26 chicks alive! We had one that we weren't sure would make it, but it did.... Then we had one get off her game after they were big but she too is fine.

More seedlings to plant over the next week! Love starting the seedlings!
Puppies and Kittens are popular Christmas gifts. Please think about all that is involved when you commit to a pet. 

Adoption is a great way to find a wonderful furry family member. It also discourages puppy mills and kitten mills.

 If they can't sell them they won't breed them. 

I will be taking a blogging break for a bit (have been already, you may have noticed)  no worries just a lot going on right now :O). I will be back. I have not been able to read blogs either. So I am woefully behind on all you guys. I will get back to blogging land as soon as I can. :O)