Drew the name for the seeds and planted some onion sets

Okay guys I put in the names folded up in a big bowl, though there were not many. I guess everyone has more seeds than they know what to do with LOL.... so I put the bowl down for Keeper to pick.. The piece of folded paper he nosed first I took out of the bowl...  ..... Henny Penny your name is the one Keeper nosed in the bowl first!!

So send me your address  and I will get these seeds off in the mail to you!

Its been gorgeous here the last couple days! I cannot stay in the house. I keep going back out to either sit and watch the chickens which I love to do or work on some project out there. I even managed to finish a book yesterday while sitting out watching the chickens...

I planted a bag of onion sets as I was pleased with how those onions did last year. No they never did bulb into big onions but I dried all  the nice big green tops and I dried the white parts which were like giant green onions. They have been wonderful to cook with. I put in one bag and I have decided to pick up another bag when I am out next to put in as well!

I took a couple days off from work. I was fast approaching burn out.... I had been working so much. I will be off work a couple more days then back at it :O).

Free Seeds Giveaway

I have gone through all my seeds. Now I have this pile of seeds..... I threw out ( shudder I know it was hard  but I did if they were older than 2012)..... In this pile there are seeds from 12, 13,14 etc... They have been stored properly. If you would like to have these just leave a comment to that effect and I will put everyone in a hat and draw a name.. There is a little bit of everything in these. Tomatoes, peppers, onions, beets, cucumbers, radish, carrots, beans, spinach, chard, squash, etc.
Some of the companies they came from, Baker Creek, Peaceful Valley Organics, Territorial Seeds, Sustainable Seed Company, etc....  :O)

Sorry but I am going to have to keep the shipping to the United States
I will leave this post up for a few days to give everyone time to see it then draw the name and let everyone know where the seeds are going...

What is your time really worth.....

Recently honeyman and I were discussing time..... What a persons time is really worth. 

Dollar wise what is your time worth?
Emotionally what is your time worth?
Physically what is your time worth?

When you really put some thought into this.... you maybe surprised to find out that your time is worth more than you ever imagined! :O)

Food for thought for sure!

3 people working till we nearly dropped whew...and a question for you guys

Today honeyman, myself and one helper we hired tackled the front large garden. With me working so much it had totally got out of hand. We got so much done!!! Its nearly back up to snuff!

We have a bit more to do but the worst is done.
I didn't take any before pictures but these are the after photos

The raspberries are no more.. all dug out finally! The Kiowa Blackberries grew under ground to the rows and have sprouted up by the cinder blocks.. I didn't dig those out.. I think I will use them to root more plants off of.. so I will stick them into pots of dirt over the winter. 
Raspberries gone!! Texas just isn't a good place to grow them. To hot I think.
 Didn't make it to the back row as you see it still needs weeding and cleaning up.. I have Kiowas in it. and some bush cherries.
 rows ready for hay ... another day :O).. you can see my soaker hoses snaked in all the rows. They are a must have here. Watering is a major ordeal in Texas. With the heat we have and the lack of rain we have.. its a never ending battle to keep things watered. I call Texas the devils playground and not because people are bad here... but because of the heat and the extreme climate we have here... Its tough. Realllllllllly tough to garden, have a orchard etc. here. You have to reallllly want to do it here I think. Its so hard. I get discouraged myself.. But I just have to garden its just part of me. So I keep at it...
 Metal hoop frames without the shade covers on.
 Rows cleaned out and dirt added .. We didn't get any of the rows hayed today. Ran out of get up and go. But thats okay we got so much done.
 Took the shade covers off the metal hoop frames.. folded them up and put them away till needed next spring/summer
 You could not even see this gate let alone get to it before...

Front row of kiowa blackberries under control again 

Cannot even tell you how hard we worked. But boy did we get a lot done in one day!

So let me ask you guys this, do any of you guys live on a river? Have any river front property? If so I would like to know what you think about it, would you do it again, have you had flooding issues? What are your thoughts in general about having property that is on a river? If you had enough acres to back off of it or sit above it would you think it was a better idea? 

Greystone the brave, vegetable seeds and 2 more finished

Greystone is doing just fine! I am so tickled. We had some drama around here when I let him out though. Paddlefoot other Bantam rooster....who has never ever had a dominant bone in his body decided he was top dog rooster apparently while Greystone was in the crate recovering and that Greystone wasn't welcome when he got out. I was just so annoyed with that Paddlefoot after Greystone saved all of them from the raccoon. So I promptly scooped up Paddlefoot put him in the crate the coop and let him live in there for a couple days and nights! I figured well it was after Greystones hospital stay in the crate that Paddlefoot decided to be so ugly to him. So I hoped that if I put Paddlefoot in time out for a few days in there and let him think about the errors of his ways ( I know but I didn't know what else to do) Today I let Paddlefoot out. He has fussed at Greystone since getting out but he hasn't ran him down and jumped on top of him to beat him up like he did the first time I let Greystone out! I think he learned his lesson. They can dance and take a stance and carry on at one another but I don't want any blood drawn around here!! Sooooo with luck that fixed the problem.

I ordered a few vegetable seeds.  I was out of cucumbers seeds and my pepper seeds were down very low. I don't ever like to be without seeds. Call me crazy but they are like insurance the way I see them. Yes I am like every gardener I have a gazillion seeds but I actually was low on a few things. I have not been good about saving seeds the last couple years. I save tomato seeds every year. They are super easy. I like to save pepper seeds but last year my peppers didn't do a thing with the flooding and bad start and the year before I managed to not save any either. I also ordered a new to me butternut squash to try. Wathams don't do a thing here for some reason so I am going to try a different one. I ordered Franchi seeds. I am very, very pleased with the seeds I have ordered from this Italian company. http://www.growitalian.com/vegetable-seeds/  So I decided to go back to them for seeds. I am not associated with them just really like their quality. You also get a lot of seeds for your money. Way more than the average packages of seeds. Which is really nice because most seeds will last a few years easily if stored properly. If you have someone to order with you could easily split the packages and have enough for several people.

The round peppers are suppose to be great pickler peppers. They even told how to pickle them on the site.  I used to grow Sans Marzano tomaotes every year but it seemed like they were just getting smaller every year when  I grew them.. I do like them for paste and sauces. I could grow them and not deal with tomato end rot where if I try to grow a roma its a no go. They get end rot every single time I try to grow them where as the Sans Marzano dont. So I decided get some fresh seeds, this is suppose to be a large variety.
Image 1  Pepper Topepo Rosso (97-91)  Pepper Carmagnola Rosso (97-27)

Tomato San Marzano 2 (106-16)  Cucumber Picollo di Parigi (38-2)

I wish now I had put these on my order as well... next time  I will get these.

Cucumber White Wonder (37-32)

I finished two of these big bad boys...Soft fold romans/ hobble shades.... pictures are not so great but they were really pretty.  Big and heavy .. the client loved them.

It was my fault...I could just kick myself... I really let them down.

Last night or should I say this morning around 3 a.m..... Keeper went off  like a rocket.. barking... and it was his serious bark. I heard at first what I thought in my sleepy fog was the wild pigs squealing. We have a lot of them here and that is normal. They fight over the corn at honeymans deer feeder...

Then it hit me .. the chickens! We didn't put up the chickens or the goats before bed!!!!!!!

I quickly told honeyman and he jumped out of bed grabbed his gun and was out of the room like a bullet.. I wasn't far behind him...

We had spent the day at the RV show in Dallas looking at campers... we ate out.. we had gone by Whole Foods for a few items... I don't know why we didn't think to put up the animals.. I know crazy.. but we didn't .. neither of us! I will admit I usually do it so I can see honeyman forgetting but me?

So we get out there and Greystone one of our Bantam roosters is in the chicken corral not the coop... grey feathers all around on the ground.. he is upright and walking though very stunned... I was afraid to go in the coop as I just knew there would be chickens missing heads all in here..Stupid raccoons..

I picked up greystone and he was..... well shell shocked..though not bleeding anywhere... I carried him to the chicken coop as soon as honeyman said the rest of the chickens were ok.. Apparently Greystone must have tried to fight off the predator that I can only assume was a raccoon as there were feathers inside the coop as well and all the eggs were gone (which should have been there since I had not been in there to get them) sighhh........ he is like that..Greystone is the protector and though he is in rooster size a chihuahua he thinks he is a Great Dane rooster... bless his heart..

I placed him on the platfrom / roost with everyone else and they huddle around him surrounding him .. the big girls literally enclosed him nearly burying him... then little D"uccle squeezed her way through the big girls to get to him.. He and D'uccle have a thing going you know..

I couldn't have felt worse.. It was my fault.. I was thanking everything in the universe no one was dead.. We then locked up the coop and went to lock up the goat gate as well!! .. I laid in bed feeling like the worst person on the planet... I talked to God a while. That always calms me down..

Got up this morning.. Greystone was pale or his comb and waddles were.. He was in shock no doubt it seemed.. He did get his color back in his comb and waddles fairly quickly and I thought he will be ok.. whew...but as the day went on...  his face was swollen his one eye in question ... sighhhh

I have him in a large sized dog crate inside the chicken coop ... as he needs time to heal.. I have made him doctored water and fed him eye droppers full.. its got arnica, vitamins, electrolytes, and a dab of molasses in it.. I have made him a salad of organic corn, organic sage and comfrey , organic garlic.. its all diced up for him.. I have also put his regular organic chicken food in there ..  I did get him to eat some cantaloupe during the day... I picked fresh rose petals and sprinkled them all in his fresh hay bed in case he wanted some of those to eat..  I cannot even tell you how bad I feel... this was allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll my fault.. I forgot to close the chicken coop up... geesh I could just kick myself from here to Dallas .....

He surely is not himself.. the shock and physical attack ... I just want him to be able to get well..
 , he sleeps standing.. he just nods off.. I hope its because he is healing .. this is also the side I worry about his vision in .. This side of his face is swollen. Its a miracle he is alive... We have had raccoons get in our coop before and it wasn't pretty.. it took a lot of fixing to get it so they couldn't manage their way in...Now as long as we close and lock the door they can't get in... uggg again I could just kick myself... sighhhh ...

 This eye seems ok the other side I don't know if it will be good.

I am hopeful he will recover.. but I just don't know at this point.. sometime I think he is going to be ok and then others he seems to out of it and bad that I don't know :O(........ thankfully the goats were fine,we closed their gate after closing up the chickens... I guess my brain was just off in some other world last night.. Honeyman felt bad too and said he should have put them up too that he knew it needed doing just as well as me.. I said well we just totally screwed up, didn't we... sighhhhh

Garden clean up, we do still have a farm :O)

A cooler weekend... The weather was really nice over the weekend. We worked outside a lot! I pruned the two big flower beds, the crape myrtles in them were so grown up from the bottoms they looked like out of control bushes and frankly were a over grown mess. Now all trimmed up and tidy looking. When these are all big the beds will be really great looking. I had 3 clearance rose of sharons I needed to get in the ground. I wound up putting them in the bigger bed with the crape myrtles.
Hard to believe what a mess this bed was before I trimmed them all up.

The two mulberry trees trimmed up still need to pile a good amount of hay mulch around them and
 the second bed with crape myrtles done. 

 Fruit orchard trimmed up so you could actually walk through the  gates.. The chinese wisteria has yet to ever bloom. Its suppose to be a pink wisteria.
Love the knock out roses... best decision to use those for a fence. This fall I am going to trim my fruit orchard trees way back. I can't manage them at these tall heights. I have seen how some keep them very low as to make them easy to take care of and pick. I plan to do this.

I have been working on getting things I have in pots (which is a lot) in the ground. A lot I started from seed but some are clearance finds.  I have planted several tallow trees this summer and one mimosa. I am trying to keep from creating new watering areas. I already have so many areas I drag hoses to. I use soaker hoses as much as as possible but no getting around dragging the big hoses. 
Elderberries are going over by the pond. Those will be planted this fall. The two Fuyu trees I started from seed have done super! Those are going by the four I bought bare root last fall and planted. Those are doing really good as well. I will have created a new watering area with the elderberries but it will be right by the pond so that should work out well. Its really the best place for them.
I got fresh hay mulch around my fuyus out front this last weekend. Hard to tell in these photos but they really have grown quite a bit!

 I have a lot of clean up to do from this last years garden.  Lots of prep work to do to get them ready for spring. Its almost time to plant my elephant garlic which seems impossible. It seems like just a few weeks ago I harvested it! It did so well last season (one of the few things that did) Elephant garlic is the only garlic I am planting now. It does super good here and its storage life is just fantastic.

I am really embarrassed by how bad my garden looks. But a few weekends of work and I can get it back up to par... I actually told honeyman at one point over the summer that I was not going to put in a garden next spring. I know shocking. But after the dismal garden I had this summer due to the flooding and me feeling overwhelmed from working... yes well I have gotten over both LOL and I am itching to go again on the garden. Of course the cooler weather is helping a lot! Its been below 100 and that always makes me want to be outside in the dirt.

yes this first one is scary isn't it... plants to be pulled up. Tomato cages to be put away for the winter. The rows need new compost, dirt, and to be hayed over. You guys have never seen photos like this of my garden on this blog LOL... But I guess the point is, its all going to be okay. :O)... 

 I got these  2 rows almost cleaned out! Need to add some dirt, compost, and cover deep in hay till spring. We still need to get the shade covers off the hoop frames and put those away for winter as well.

The chickens ,, here is the crew...
We have the bantams which I am loving and then regular hens. I didnt name my regular hens but I did the bantams... We have Paddlefoot (rooster) we have  Greystone (rooster) then we have Esmeralda and Penelope and D'uccle... the little gold one is D'uccle. They are all grown... Can you believe how little D'uccle is..  LOL we named her that because my best bud told me that is the variety she is and I just love saying D'uccle so that is her name lol. I have never had Bantams before, not only are they sooo pretty and calm but they lay really cute little eggs. LOL We boil them up and slice them on salads or make bite sized devil eggs out of them lol. They are just to cute. The chickens and the eggs :O) These are not the best photos but they all have feathers on their feet and are just so pretty.

New computer ordered and two big soft fold romans

Today I ordered my new computer. As you guys know my old one has been on its last leg for a bit now.

There were somethings I wanted to be able to use my new computer for that I had not my old one. 
The one I ordered is touted as a gaming computer but I don't want it for gaming. I want it for its ability to handle programming/coding. Since I had to buy a new one this was something I wanted my new one to be able to handle well and be well suited for. More on this in the future :O)

I am working on two big soft fold roman shades right now. Work in progress as you can see.. I will show you guys the finished results when done... its a fold at a time LOL..  So glad to have the table extension honeyman built for me. Its saving my bacon on these guys for sure!

Pulling a rabbit out of a hat

When someone doesn't have enough fabric to make what they want but they say to just do the best you can.. ummmmmm ......this can prove to be a bad decision to take a job like this.. but I took it  because I do a lot of work with this designer.

I had to spend  extra time making these than it would normally take to make them,,,,,, because I was short fabric.... re-inventing the wheel so to speak... but in the end I actually was pleased with how they turned out. They look as they should! But boy did I have to put some thought into these...

These are called relaxed roman shades.... they are not as tailored or fitted for a lack of a better word as a flat fold roman shade is... there were five of these.. 2 one size in width and 3 another ...to make matters worse this fabric has a fairly large pattern repeat but I could not loose one single inch. Two of the romans would be made from one cut of fabric split ..... but they all had to match in pattern around the room and that darn large pattern repeat to deal with... Which in the end meant cutting these a lot different than I would have if I had had the yardage I should have had....  yes you can say stressful!!!! I did stress over these quite a bit..... but in the end I am good with how they turned out...

Sometimes you just don't know why :O)

I finished these soft fold roman shades.. I wound up putting one of them on the board 4 times before every single fold matched the other one perfectly...they were going in the same window side by side they had to match perfectly...... Why did I have to put it on four times?.... Who knows ROFL... I measured and measured.. I check I double checked... I made them exactly the same.. I placed every ring exactly the same spacing... Roman Shades can be like that.. real toots when they want to be ROFL... Patience is a good character trait if you are going to make roman shades for a living :O).. Luckily I usually have plenty...  I made two of these just like the one you see.. I was pleased with them.. They were pretty... These are called Soft fold roman shades or some call them Hobbled Shades.. I think the term hobbled shade is probably known to those of us that have been in this a while.. where soft fold is the newer term I think :O)

Honeyman liked these.. his first response when he saw them was...wow I like those... :O)...  I don't make near as many of these as I do flat roman shades.. no doubt cost is a factor. It takes twice the fabric to make one as a flat roman shade and these are more expensive to have made. They are slower, harder, more tedious, more supplies to make them.

                                               Pretty stack .. no :O)

touching base :O)

First off I would like to say.... I know  a lot of you guys follow my blog due to the gardening and canning and not to see my work. Well right now other than watering non stop my perennials and fruit trees and such to get them through the summer ......... dealing with the usual lack of rain for Texas this time of year and extreme heat........ that is all I am doing on the gardening and canning front... Since my garden was not up to snuff this year due to the early spring really bad flooding... well my work is all there has been to report... Sorry...

On a work note.. I am still swamped with orders... this is a good thing right... Roman Shades seem to be alive and well in Texas...

Right now I am working on a couple of soft fold roman shades.. some people call them hobbled roman shades... same thing... soft fold roman shades are just what they are called. When hanging all the way down they still have soft folds in them... not flat like a flat fold roman is when let all the way down. They are a lot of fabric to deal with at once and a bit more tedious to make. But they are nice looking... this is where I am now on the ones I am making.. this one I have the twill tape and rings sewn on and these photos show the folds ... the stripes line up nicely and all seems to be going as it should be!! :O).. This is always a good thing :O)...

I will show you guys one hanging and all done when I get there... I am 16 roman shades in the hole right now. Meaning I have orders for 16 shades including these two... yes I am busy busy busy busy... :O)