Just made my day, so exciting.

This morning DH said to me, come with me I want to show you something. We headed out the door and across the drive toward the fruit orchard. I have been soooo busy I haven't been inside the orchard to inspect the trees up close in a bit now. We walk in and I see them! Peaches everywhere all over the peach trees! I am squealing at this point. Then I see the plums on the plum trees, the nectarines on the nectarine trees and yes some pears on my pears trees!!! I was so excited I didn't know if I could stand it!!! I was nearly running from one tree to another looking and checking and laughing. Amazing I had not seen these! The two plums that got caught in the late freezes didn't have any but my other two plums have tons so I am good to go! If I can manage to hang on to the fruit that is on the trees I will have plenty for jelly, pie fillings. plum dipping sauce, peach in light syrup,  and and and. :O)..

You can see all the fruit when you enlarge the photos! :0)... Now I have got to get some tobacco and make my spray and get them sprayed so the worms don't get in the fruit! I sure hope it works. I won't use chemicals on them. I was told that tobacco really works. This gal assured me they  use it on their fruit trees and it works as they are chemical free gardeners as well. I sure hope so!

I took theses next ones just because it was pretty inside the fruit orchard.

 and one final note! 3 of my 4 Fuyu persimmon trees I palnted if you all remember last fall.... They have finally sprouted little baby leaves!!! Whew... I was getting worried. The fourth one is looking like its going to as well. The two fuyus I started from seeds 1 1/2-2  yrs ago.. They are leafed out as well and are about 20 inches tall now :O)...  I will be planting those this coming fall. I will give them the summer to keep growing and get a bit sturdier. The trunks are very thin at this point. I am surprised how many leaves they have on them for such thin trunks. But that is so fun that those came from seeds I saved from fruits I ate.

Life on the farm, the good,the frustrating and the sad......

We have had so much rain this spring!!! Its been just wonderful! I told DH that its like we live in another place, its so lush and green here. Its been fantastic.
The rose hedge around the fruit orchard is stunning. 

 This up close pic shows you what this looks like in real person. Its just simply beautiful!
 On not such a great note. I found that my onions had been dug up and tossed willy neely all over the place by something. I replanted them into the ground. I hope they will make it. I don't know what dug them up. We will be putting up a fence this weekend of some kind. I had noticed prior to this something was digging in my asparagus row which is next to this row. I never dreamed what ever it was would dig up all my onions in this row! grrrrrr ..  I hope they can recover but I dont know I have them back in the groundl in these photos.

 My medicinal mullein plants. They are so pretty aren't they!! My best bud gave me these two plants and look at them now. They are just beautiful. A great medicinal plant if you havent planted it, look it up and you will see why you need to add this ot your medicinal bed.
 Skittles and Cubey..... Skittles is young and a sweet little fella.. he is a good whether and a companion to Cubey who actually sorta raised him... even though he wasn't her kid to raise...
Sugarcube AKA  Cubey, what can I say.. she was one of our first goats... she is the rock. She was the queen of our herd even though she was less than half the size of some of our other goats through the years. She is the sweetest most wonderful goat... She gives the best goaty breath kisses you have ever had!!! Cubey is VERY old. We don't know for sure how old Cubey is... We know she is well beyond 11 yrs... we figure she is somewhere between 13-15... If all goats  were as healthy as Cubey has been over the years and as parasite resistant... everyone would have 100 goats. Never once in all the years did Cubey get a parasite over load. Where we live worms/parasites are a big problem with goats. Bottle jaw is common and its frustrating as heck. Never once when others in the herd had a issue. never once did my brave healthy little Cubey have a problem... All goats should be so lucky/healthy!!!! Sweet she is so sweet it is unreal..........Cubey gave us several wonderful kids ...she taught us a lot...  we retired her a few years ago due to age... She is now in her final time ....Its heart breaking as I love this goat a lot!!!!! But I know we have given her many wonderful good years .... she is well cared for and happy here. She bossed the herd right up till we downsized to just her and Skittles. She is the BEST goaty we EVER had!

 Skittles, well we will see how he does when Cubey leaves us. I have sourced a very good home for him if he cannot make it without another goaty friend. I have always read and understood goats are not solitary animals. We want him to be happy. We have found a wonderful home that we would give him to... one that would take him if we need that. One that has kids that would feed him treats and  has other goats for him to play with... one that would not eat him or sell him to the meat markets. Here that is a real possibility.... We know for sure that this farm would not do that. They would keep him a pet and love him. So if need be we have found him a home with other goats on a good farm.
 Our pond is full, how long it will be this way ... who knows... it depends on how long the wonderful rains continue and how long before the 100 plus degrees hit!

They look deceptively easy....

Roman Shades, they don't look like much to make when you see them finished. But they are not telling the truth! It doesn't take much and they won't pull even, they won't fold up right, they have a sag here or a poof there. Yep there is some work in a roman shade, Add a valance, or banding or trim. Orrrr maybe you want a hobbled roman shade not a flat one.... the list goes on....  as always I will say my photography skills are lacking lol

I have five I am making from these fabrics, all different sizes, one is a monster in size...

This first photo the shade is all the way down... I have it on my shade holder right now. This one is not very long only 40" inches long. 44 inches wide.

In this next photo you see it pulled up and it stacked into folds
 In this next photo its pulled all the way up behind the valance
In order for there to be room for the roman to be all the way up behind the valance and it not push out the valance you have to mount these on the board a different way then you do a flat roman that has no valance. I am telling you to this day I have to put on my thinking cap to do it. I would describe it but it would make no sense.. you will just have to trust on me this. Its like putting a puzzle together ... I always have to think when I start a batch with valances.

These are outside mount roman shades (they are mounted on the wall not inside the window casing)  so the valance wraps back to the wall on both sides. It has a pleat on the front corner of each side.

 These have locking cord locks so you can pull the shade up and down and stop at any point and it stays where you want it. There are metal rods that go in the bottoms to add some weight to Roman Shades, it gives them structure as well. You cannot see the metal rods from the front or back they are inside the hem.

The roller guides for the pull cords.  Yes there is a thread I need to snip lol 

Apparently I can't count

I have planted nearly my entire front large garden an I still have a bazillllllllion seedlings. These are just a few of them. I have no idea what I was thinking when I planted all these seedlings LOL.

 I have another 40 plus peppers and another 20 tomatoes not even in these photos. LOL Plus some other odds and ends.

One of my rows of tomatoes in the front garden.  its not mulched yet. I was doing good I felt to get them planted. My job has me playing catch on a lot of stuff right now. But I will get to it all :O) Yes that is actual bags of mulch you see too. Usually you know I use hay for my mulch in the garden. Wellll long story short I don't have any because TWICE now I have asked to buy some and been told yep ok and sighhhh its never materialized. I am going to have to find a new hay source obviously! We have a good 10 acres of our farm out front in hay pasture that could be bailed  but we have not been able to find anyone willing to bale it///. its not enough acreage anyone wants to mess with it and it has a few trees spotted around in it and the hay balers here just wont deal with trees.  I would love to find someone who bales in the square bales that would do it! We don't have a pole for our tractor to move those giant round bales so we have to roll them if we need to move those babies.. whew...
 Remember the onions that just took a beating all of January pretty much and part of February. Well they managed to survive and have really taken a hold. Just to the right top of the photo you can see my radishes. Then further past them some Swiss chard.

Roman shades everywhere :O) and getting the garden in...

I am swimming in roman shade orders right now! Which is a good thing :O), every drapery work room would like to have this problem :O). 
With that and getting our garden in. busy, busy busy.
It does make for one very tired Texan at the end of each day. But a good tired :O)
                           Todays' food for thought,

Easter Egg Radishes

My Easter Eggs lol ... Sorta

I pulled my first radish this morning, I don't know why it seems like my radish are slow to grow. Some of the packages said 26 days on them. ummm mine are not making in 26 days LOL
But never the less here are my first ones!
Do you eat the radish tops? When I thinned down my radish I cooked those greens in with swiss chard and a green onion both from the garden :O). I then added that to some rice. It was very good.  I don't know why we never ate the green tops of radish before. But we do now!

I have been getting asparagus for a couple weeks now. When we get burned out on fresh I will can and pickle some. Right now we are gobbling up all its producing. mmmmm its so good.

Promises, Promises

Will I ever learn to pace myself? I told myself I was going to start pacing myself with my outside work. Not work till I was about to drop.

I started planting my vegetable seedlings in the garden today..... Yes the pace myself thing went right out the window on my first day of saying I was going to do better! Geeshhh.....

But I am going to do better LOL, I have to! With having the drapery work room now I have to pace myself. Working myself into the ground outside and then working in the drapery workroom.... you can see how this isn't going to work out very well if I don't start pacing myself.

So ok tomorrow is a new day and I will say again, I am going to pace myself and not work till I am so tired I could drop LOL.

On the work for pay front :O) .... I have five roman shades to get made. I would like to finish all five in a week and a half, but we will see. To make five roman shades in in that time is doable with long days but one of them is huge.  I don't really like to make roman shades as big as it is but what the client wants, the client gets! :O) I aim to please :O)... They all have valances as well so that will add some time to each one. Like I say my wish time frame is a week and a half... Reality time frame is probably 2 weeks at least.  Especially since I need to get up early and plant seedlings for a hour or so each morning while its cool before I get started on the romans.

Sorry no photos this time....

What doesn't kill you...

So your thinking that with all the gardening your doing...... you will skip the work outs for a bit...after all how many squats do you do in a day when working in the garden?..... and what about all that lifting, tugging, pulling, carrying, pushing, pulling... so ya we can skip a few work outs...


Bring it on!!  :O) 

New garden

This is a long way from my vision for this garden. But its a beginning!

 six rows for lack of a better way to put it.. they will not be raised beds.. but there will be walk space between them.
Several kinds of Zucchini and Cucumbers sun tanning :O)