Saffron!!!! Look :O)

Ok guys, I had to show you... yes its the wrong time of year for this. Should from what I have read bloomed in the fall. But we have had a mild weird winter. Its been what 2 years in the making..... I picked this today!!!!!!
So yall remember back when I saw some of my saffron bulbs had rotted due to alllll the rain last spring. Well we all discussed what to do .. leave the good ones. Dig them up and try again in another bed. Well I decided to leave them. I found enough good ones digging around in the bed that I figured as fast as Saffron is suppose to multiply I would be ok IF they lived.

Well this year when I thought for sure well I lost them all as they didn't come up when I thought they should.... then they shot up green stems and I knew I had not lost them. e

But the darn rabbits had a field day with it... I had to get out there and redo my wire low tunnels and cover with something... Which took me way to long to get to but I at least knew they were alive and from what I saw I had every bit as many as I had planted and maybe more!!!

So finally I redid my low tunnel hoops out of 1/4" steel rod (well actually honeyman bent those for me) then I covered the whole low tunnel in fruit tree netting. So the rabbits could not get to them at all to eat them....I figured it was way to late to see any saffron but I knew that I still had a bed of bulbs alive and so I was a happy girl...

Then after the rabbits couldnt get to it to eat the green tops off to the ground.. It shot back up and I thought maybe I might get a few blooms.... Wha La I got one today! Maybe I will get a few more.

There is are reason they call farmers eternal optimist! Its been a 2 year road to get this little fella :O)... but I am feeling realllllly good about a full crop next year!!! Knocking on wood!


Kev Alviti said...

Time to get the tweezers out!

1st Man said...

Helo! OMG how exciting! OK I must have missed the posts where you planted them where you ordered them from etc. I'm willing to give it a shot. I have a few years to wait, ha. So cool, what a fun thing that would be to harvest.

Henny Penny said...

It sure takes patience, doesn't it! Hope you have a BIG crop next year!

Margaret said...

Wow - very exciting!!! I would love to grow Saffron, but I doubt it would be hardy around here, which is too bad as I love it and it's so expensive at the shops.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Wow! So will you make saffron rice with it?

Love Of Quilts said...


1st Man said...

Sent you an email too, but just popping in to say hello and hope all is going well.

Unknown said...

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Kim said...

Hi Sandy!
I suppose you've been busy with work and garden and farm and running and life. Would be nice to catch up, hear what you've been up to. Hope all is well!

viviene joeli said...
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World of Animals, Inc. said...

Thanks for the share. It sure did take a lot of patience to finally get them to bloom. It's hard sometimes when those little rabbits are hungry. Hope the weather got better later on. It's really beautiful in the photo. Have a wonderful day.
World of Animals

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