Some roman shades I have made recently

Two very large soft fold romans. I just finished these this last week. I can tell you these babies at 70 inches wide and nearly that long were a handful.

I am so glad I have the table extension honeyman made for my drapery table! I can just raise it up with the metal table extensions and it just clicks in place... a life saver. When I don't need it then just release each extension and it lowers right back down.

Making a soft fold roman wider than your table is not fun. As a matter a fact I have a limit on size I will make. I won't make one wider than 76". I can get that on my table. Soft fold romans are long to work with because they are cut twice the length of a window plus 12 inches. So they are long lengths of fabric. Even if you turn them to fit width wise going down your table then you have a pile of fabric hanging over the side. I much prefer to have it all up on the table laying flat! Even if the length does exceed my 12 foot long table at least its all flat!
This photo is after I have got quite a bit of the work done :O). The tape and rings are on! I must say I always think the backs of soft fold romans are pretty :O). Kind of a work of art in themselves.

 Another view of the back.
 Ok one more :O). The tan you see is the bottom hem and there is a 1.5 " pocket with the 1/4" metal rod in it. Its not strung yet and does not have the cord locks on the rings but the tape and the rings are on.
 Ok so we have already established in previous post, I am not a photographer :O) I am not sure why it looks like it has waffles in it lol or wrinkles. It didn't... I had a hard time with lighting this day.

It sorta made me think of double knit but not in a bad way, it also made me think of a blanket. :O)  It was thick and soft.  My ugly shade holder and back drop don't do much for them LOL but I am sure in the room with the bedding they will look very nice. I saw the bedding. It will be a monochromatic room. Very neutral in color. I think it will be a very soothing room to be in. Its a bedroom. There were two of these big romans in it.
These babies weighed a ton!