I won! and projects galore!

 Will you just look at this adorable piggy soap I won from The Maaaaa of Pricilla! I got to pick my scent, I chose Lavender and oh my gosh does this smell divine!!! I know its wonderful goat milk soap but how can I possibly melt this little gal in the tub!!! I have placed her in my bathroom where I can see her cuz she makes me smile and my whole bathroom smells so nice due to her! Now that is saying something when you are talking about a piggy :O) .. tee hee. Not only does the maaaaa of Pricilla  have this soap but she has many, many others! You can scoot right over to her Etsy shop here and look at all of them! She has like 113 soap items in her shop! Thats a lot of suds to pick from! A gazillion scents and if you have a up coming wedding she does custom wedding favor soaps! :O)

Ok we determined a long time ago I am not a photographer like Texwisgirl so you guys pretend like these close up pictures are not blurry. The piggy soap is not blurry its very clean cut and has great detail. My photos are not so great ;O(. Is Bacon Bits adorable or what :O) that is her name :O). 
Now just look at that face :O)

We have a huge list of projects we are now beginning... Lots of little things and then some big things that need doing. We got some done this weekend I will do a post on that another time. This is the wire shelf that sits behind my claw foot tub in the master bathroom. It began to rust and needs a face lift. So today I sanded  most of the rust off it, some wouldn't budge.  I will be priming and then painting it back chrome. We have antique telephone style faucets in chrome on our tub and sink faucets chrome so will keep my little shelf chrome. You don't really see it as it sits in the corner behind my tub but it was really starting to look sad... With a antique style tub you don't have anywhere to put shampoo and stuff so you need something to sit your must haves on :O)...
The feet are chrome on my slipper tub as well :O). I considered going with oil rubbed bronze but nah chrome it is ... its a better choice decor wise in our bathroom :O)
This is actually sitting in the living room in this photo  lol as it was to darn hot to do this outside. So I spread out a brown grocery sack and went after it. :O) just the sanding, I won't spray paint it inside obviously LOL..

One of the little feet realllllly is in need of a redo LOL...  

 My honeyman as you know works in construction. Will you look at what he brought me home! They have wheels on them and are a turn table type! They will be super in my sewing room which is exactly what he said ... when he said "I thought you might like these for your sewing room to hang stuff on"! There are two of them... I already found some hooks for them online. They are store type displays.. Called Slat Wall Displays.. Kinda like peg board only the  hooks are a bit different  how they go on these slatted wall display...I love them!!!!! I could use them as they are after cleaning them up as they are in great shape!!!

 But since I am going to undertake painting quite a bit of furnishing in my sewing room black to go with my black shelving units I will most likely paint these as well! My sewing room furniture... quite a bit of it is built from commercial doors that honeyman saved from the dumpster off jobs.. I have a HUGE wonderful free motion quilting table big enough to  hold a king size quilt that he made me with a area built to hold my quilting machine! The table is blonde in color made from commercial doors that were headed for the dumpster. Then I have another table that is long and holds my embroidery machine it has unfinished legs and is a walnut color laminate commercial door he saved from the dumpster also :O)... those doors are huge and heavy duty they make great tables! But you don't get to pick what color or finish they are lol since they are what we call dumpster doors LOL  :O)...  I want to get some trim for the edges as well :O) as they are just rough cut right now on the edges...I have used them as is for a couple years but we are looking to get things a bit more coordinated and looking as nice as possible around here so I a going to work on getting everyting in black in the sewing room  :O).  

So back to these turning holders.. I can just see threads, scissors, quilting rulers on these babies!!! Thanks Honeyman!! They each have 4 walls for hanging stuff on :O).. Keeper likes them too he says. :O)
I have a big old pile of supplies at this point for a gazillion projects! I will be posting on them as we go :O)
Oh can I just say I bought some Sherwin Williams paint and well ummm I had a bit of price sticker shock I must say! If it were not for the fact that I know exactly what this color looks like in real life used on trim I would have probably moved on to a different brand! But I have been planning on painting this color on our trim for a while now and I just realllllllllly think its perfect so I bought one quart today. I will make sure before I invest in a gallon.. Oh ya its that scary the price...LOL
Its going to have to be PERFECT for me to use this, it will probably take 5 gallons anyway to do all our baseboards, doors, crown moldings. Which I will buy one gallon at a time as I paint :O). 


TexWisGirl said...

you won with your little clever 'bacon bits'. glad she smells as cute as she looks. :)

i need your handy man... :)

Patty Woodland said...

I'm glad Bacon Bits got there safely.
It is a cute mold!

Wow...I could use that rack for drying soap! Very cool

Paula said...

Okay, let me say for the record that I am GREEN with envy over your turning holder! That will be perfect for your sewing room... which, by the way, I hope you post lots of pictures of your creative space when you get it finished! *wink* (I still smile every time I look at the little monster on my make-up bag, too... :)
I love Bacon Bits~ what a cutie! Congrats on your win!

the wild magnolia said...

the little pig is running over with personality. i agree, keep her for smiles.

whew, you have a full schedule.

i see Keeper is checking things out.

don't forget to rest.

Terry said...

Love your piggy soap, congrats!
I hope you post a pic of your turning rack when it's all filled up with stuff! What a good find.

V.L. Locey said...

What cute piggy soap!! You are a busy, busy woman!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I want that pig soap! Soooo cute! I'd never be able to actually use it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning Bacon Bits. She is very cute. It really looks like you are quite busy right now.

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

I am sooooo jealous over the free motion quilting table :)I want one! WAH!!

A Quiet Corner said...

Oh yes...that Bacon Bits soap is darling!...:)JP