Moved from the apt. to the mansion :O)

Ok you guys put up with one more post as I can't help myself, I promise not to post daily pictures of these guys ROFL... I got the cardboard put in the pen and the water up on blocks. They have full run of the crate and they are loving that. I have it covered in a sheet as we have turned off quite cool. Though in our garage its not very cool as the space heater is still going and the heat lamp is on the crate. Only one of them seems a bit off its game. Not sick but not as perky as the others. 

Keeper says really Mom they are okay but I am way more fun, pay attention to me now! Someone is spoiled rotten :O).  He had his head right down in the bin with them sniffing at them when I had it sitting out while I got the cardboard in the crate, he never touched one of them. He was however quite impressed with the long red feeder and took that LOL. I had to get that back from him :O).
He was pouting as I wasn't paying as much attention to him as the chicks LOL.
 I got some canning jars on clearance aren't they pretty. Its hard to tell but they have little molded handles in the sides of the jars. They are a bit over 10 ounces so a bit different size than your regular Kerr or Ball jar. I did make sure the regular size lids fits them as once I bought some jars that our standard canning lids didn't quite fit. So yep these are good and can be used for years.
 I put a bag inside this one but you still can't see it really good. They have a embossed design on one side the little handles and then the brand name embossed on the other. They are such a cute shape. 
 Its the little things isn't it that are so great. 


TexWisGirl said...

cool little canning jars! pretty! would make some great candles. :)

keeper, the chickie feeder stealer. what a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Glad the chickies are doing well. Those jars are adorable!

Patty Woodland said...

I love finding unique jars. I had someone here in town give me their jars that they had been using since the 50s! There are some beauties in there.

Did you check out pasty butt yet? Get those Q-tips and the olive oil at the ready!

My Grama's Soul said...

Hey Sandy...look at you...being a chicken farmer LOL LOL LOL.....I have said it before and I will say it again....I think you Texas gal's can do ANYTHING!!!!



Inger said...

I went back and read all about the chicks that I missed. I don't blame you for being excited, waiting. Can you really send them via the post office? How cool is that. I love it that Keeper is such a good dog. It's in his breed to guard everything on your ranch and you know that no one will mess with those chicks while he's on duty.

Sandy said...


I see the little chicks are enjoying their new mansion :-)
Ut Oh.....your not giving Keeper the same attention your giving the chicks. He's decided to hid the chick feeder on you, lol

I look forward to updates on the new chick and of course on Keeper.
Give him a scratch for me.
Your Friend,
Sandy, Oklahoma Transient

Country Life said...

Love your canning jars! and your little ones are sooo cute :)

Terry said...

Hey, I hope you post about the chicks A LOT!!! We have so many coyotes we'll never have chicks, so I'll enjoy yours instead.

1st Man said...

Post all you want, there are lots of us out here that will learn for our future chickens from you. They are adorable huh? It's too bad they can't stay that small...of course I guess the eggs would be really tiny, ha.

The jars are awesome. I'm always on the lookout for the unusual ones. Looks like yours are maybe Italian? that's cool!

Inger said...

Samson should never be in direct sunlight, so I walk him at dawn. Fortunately, the sun takes a while to clear the eastern mountain ridge, so right now it's not a problem. I don't know what will happen when we fall back next Sunday. We usually go hiking in the snow in the winter, so he really needs the UV goggles. Thanks for asking.

the wild magnolia said...

you do good things with your life, constructive, useful, creative......the little fur chicks are precious....and Keeper, well, I loved him from the beginning.

I love unusual glass jars. Period.

Happy weeks end.

Denise said...

Glad to see that the chicks are doing well! You might want to hang the light a little higher. When they all go to the opposite side of the crate that means they are a bit too warm. Keeper is a very funny dog.

I love the jars! I like the unusual ones they change things up a little bit. Now what are you going to put in them cause you cant have empty jars you know :)

A Quiet Corner said...

Like Keeper, Moon & Copper get poopy when I don't spend time with them!!!...:)JP

Carolyn said...

Awwwww, those chicks are soooo cute! :))

Paula said...

*squeeeeal* You got some chickies!!
I'm sure they are loving their new mansion... but poor Keeper, he doesn't get what all the fuss is about. *haha*
Those are beautiful little jars!

Love Of Quilts said...

Happy Halloween!

Carla said...

Those little peeps are cute and colorful.
Poor Keeper unloved and ignored. LOL
I'll come up and play with him but I might have to pay a little of attention to the peeps. You know just to make sure they're okay. ;o)

V.L. Locey said...

Awwww, I love little peeps!

Lana said...

I love chickes and Keeper is a HUGE doll, but still a big fluffy doll! Those jars have lovely curves, good job! It sure is cool, I'm on the South side of Texas, near the Bay and it was 64 degrees inside the house this morning. Had to turn the heat on, just to make it hit 69, then I can move around without feeling like the Tin Man!

I hope the lagging chick will be okay!