Plants that seem to like Texas

These are plants that are doing well for me. Despite our heat and what seems like a revolving drought. Some years are just normal which is not much rain others are severe drought. I don't think I can ever remember having a year in all the years I have lived here where there was to much rain. Oh sure we might have had a couple weeks in a year here or there where we got more than what was normal but a whole year that I could say boy such and such year was sure a water logged year here in Texas... nope can't think of one LOL

Oddly enough Hydrangea, yes they like their water but I don't really water mine that often. I have them in  early morning sun then shade. I have a couple that are getting a tad more sun than I would like and the leaves burn on them once we hit our heat, but they live despite that. I am working on getting more shade on those. But for the most part this plant that is known as a water hog seems to do well for me even here, and without tons of water. I do have it mulched about 6" deep with mulch though, that helps a lot. Its in a raised bed as well.
The fall blooms look so different from the spring ones.

 My citrus trees in pots. Can't beat them! The Key lime was loaded this year! We are really enjoying them but have about used them all. Hate to see the end of them. My Meyer Lemon is loaded too those are still ripening. I apparently didn't get photos of those... but they are doing super.

My Kumquat has a lot on it again this year! They are not ripe yet.
 I got a Avocado tree to try in a pot, clearance ya know, couldn't pass it up. I saw them early in the year but ouchy $$... I hate to pay a lot for something when I don't know if it will live. You get a one year guarantee at Lowes on all their plants which is nice and at my Lowes I must say they don't treat you like a criminal for returning them if they die. Well okay except this one women who works there and honeyman and I both will go a mile to avoid her, either at the check out or returns desk.. Mercy sakes she is a cranky toot...Doesn't matter about what whew...Another store here offers that guarantee but when you use that guarantee they are most unfriendly about it.  oh sorry I am rambling LOL.... Lowes got their share and about everyone else's of my gardening money this year. But they had the best deals :O) on what I was looking for. No I don't work for Lowes... just sayin.....
 I purchased a second lemon tree  Lisbon variety, my other is a Meyer Lemon. Its grown a lot since I potted it up into its new home. Clearance again :O).  Citrus is normally about 30.00-35.00 bucks a tree. OUCH. So when you see them for $6-7.00 dollars clearance you just can't leave them behind ya know. Even if you really weren't planning on getting another one LOL... All but the kumquat has to be moved to protection if we are having a freeze. So yes some work involved for us to have citrus here as our temperatures swing from over 100 to in the teens or less depending on the winter, usually though our winters we only have a few freezes so we don't have to move the trees often, but they are worth it the fruit is outstanding and they are super easy to grow and produce very well in pots.
Culinary Sage loves our heat and dry weather.  We both love sage so its nice it does so well here. It comes back every year as well  :O).

 New to me plant, Thryallis, apparently this shrub is making a real splash here in Texas. It is suppose to like our horrible heat and climate. They say it can go in full sun... well I am always leery when a tag says that. Very few plants really do FULL sun in Texas and do well has been my experience. But we are going to find out if this guy is full sun or not. I am planting him on the side of the rose fence gate. I am also trying to propagate some more of them from seeds. Will see how that works out. Purchased this while down at Mrs Laughing Ducks for bee class this last time.
 Its hard to tell but this is a wire rooster that holds a hanging basket sized plant in his back.. his tail is to the right and if you blow up the pic you can see his head to the left LOL...  sits in shade on my porch.

 Fruit orchard, rose fence has grown super! Now there is a plant that does do well in full sun! Plus so far no black spot... The Knockout roses are living up to their reputation so far! If we can just get these new fruit trees to take this time! I put in drip irrigation so I am hoping that is going to help. I also chose different Pear varieties this time based on what is the most fire blight resistant.

 Volunteer Crape Myrtle from my big ones... another plant that does our heat and climate very well in  full sun... Once established they are very drought tolerant. But you have to keep them watered good till they get a decent root system and some size on them, then your good to go. Our giant ones we only watered twice in 2011 the  year of the never ending 110 degrees and severe drought. They never missed a beat. This little volunteer is growing fast :O).

New to me Crape Myrtle... A Black Crape Myrtle. The leaves on it are almost black and then its gets hot pink blooms, talk about a show stopper. I put in three so should be a pretty display when they are grown. These I purchased as well when I was down at Mrs Laughing Ducks this last time for bee class... Ya we did a little plant shopping.... We would be so dangerous to the budgets if we lived in the same town!!! We both love the same things, gardening, canning and sewing. etc. Speaking of bee class we have another one coming up. So far those have been very informative. 


Carolyn said...

It seems you have similar success stories to ours :)

Patty Woodland said...

I would so love flowers but until we fence the critters in completely or out totally they will always be snacks.

My Grama's Soul said...

Hey Texan.....WHAT a garden you have....rain or not! (O:
P.S. In Texas now.....heading for the hill country.



TexWisGirl said...

my 3 crape myrtles (well-established ones from before we even moved here 10 yrs ago) barely made it this year. last year's drought then this year's grasshoppers just about put them under. i tried watering a few times - they didn't even respond. this weekend's soaking rain and cooler temps have helped, so i'm hoping they'll make it. wish i had your energy for planting, potting, growing, harvesting. :)

A Quiet Corner said...

The Crepes we had in VA loved it there and they are so keep up the good work. I never had any citrus trees...the lemon looks cool...:)JP

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Wish I could grow avocado!

LOL over the meanie at Lowe's.

the wild magnolia said...

Its "going on" in your orchard and gardens. Looks good.

Terry said...

Wow, your plants are beautiful! The only one that grows well here is sage, both the herb and the wild sage.
I can't believe how quickly your rose fence has grown!!! Lucky you!
I didn't know about Lowe's refund. Next year I'll check them out!

Lizzy said...

I love your site. It just popped up this morning when I was blogging! Kismet. This is me:

I grow plants and goats...we're a match. And, chickens.
Have a monumental day.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you have lots of things doing well. I'm afraid Iowa is getting a bit more difficult. In our last three years, we went from horrible flooding to horrible drought with the flip of a switch last July.

Lana said...

Excellent post with great information. Thanks for sharing. I will keep the Lowe's guarantee in mind when I'm buying more fruit trees for the acreage.

Everything you've done looks so beautiful!


Jim said...

Good Monday morning! I am with Terry on the Rose fence....can't believe how it has grown! It is looking good.
I cannot imagine the heat there....everything would perish here! I am surprised the Hydrangea survives there...not that they aren't a strong hardy shrub, I just didn't think they grew well that far south.
I too buy those plants in need of some 'rehab' when I see them....our garden is full of those reduced trees and shrubs.
You have some beautiful garden shrubs and trees.
Have a great week.

Hendersonvilletree said...

I was never aware of Lowe's 1 year policy on plants you've purchased there, I've always gone other places. I usually go way deep down state to get to a few farmers markets and grab the best of the best while I can. Although, I am very jealous of your avocado tree.

-Tony Salmeron
Tree Service Hendersonville NC

Carla said...

Okay so you bought the Avocado tree at Lowes... I've got to go check and see if ours has one. Where's this Ms Laughing duck.. I've never seen a black crepe mrytle.
May have to make a trip there.

Paula said...

I loved seeing all your trees and shrubs! I think hydrangeas are so pretty... and I LOVE crape myrtles because they do so good in drought conditions.

V.L. Locey said...

Looks like your plants are thriving!