Over wintering my citrus trees

When I first started growing citrus in pots, I would put them in my greenhouse in the winter. I started with just a couple trees. Welllll now I have nearly a dozen different citrus trees and the first one are so large they won't fit in my green house. Soooo we over winter them in the garage now. On nice days I open both the garage doors and we have fluorescent lights in the garage. If its freezing they have to rely on the fluorescent lights. We did this last  year and they seemed to do good. So back in the garage they went this winter. I would eventually like a greenhouse for just them but its wayyyyyyyy down the list of gardening gets.

Citrus in the garage.
Mandarins, I have almost eat them all. Each day as I leave for work I go over and pick a couple to take to work with me. Good snacks :O)

 Grapefruits one is getting ripe 

 Lemons getting ripe 
 Kumquats tree is loaded again this year, they are getting ripe as well. This year I am going to do some of them in a crystallized dried candy. I have canned them in the previous years which works well too.
The Kumquat tree is the most reliable of all the citrus I grow. Its has been loaded every year. 
I have a avocado tree not in the photos. It has grown to tall it won't fit in the garage either LOL. But the good news is I found out that he variety I have can go in the ground to zone 8! Thats us... so its going in the ground. It can reach 40 feet tall and 40 wide. It has never had a avocado on it as it needs a avocado tree friend in order to make avocados.... I will have to search out a friend for it that can also be planted to zone 8.  I keep meaning to do that but well time ya know. Till then it just keeps growing.


Sandy said...


You have room in your garage for trees? No us, we have enough room to make it to the washer. The boys keep everything they find and it's become a storage place for there junk.

Kev Alviti said...

I'd love to grow citrus. If I can get a big enough greenhouse and heat it with solar or something one day it might be possible! I'm impressed with your collection, all look very tasty.

sandra hagan said...

The oranges and lemons are so amazing.
Avocados rock.

Great job!

Thanks for sharing.

Hugs to Keeper.

Henny Penny said...

You are amazing! Is there anything you can't grow? Those trees are beautiful. Will they continue to grow and bear fruit, planted in pots?

A Quiet Corner said...

YUM...I can smell them here...:)JP

1st Man said...

I guess I missed this post. Wow, I'm so impressed that they are fruiting so well in the pots. Who knew?? We have some big clay pots in town, I could move those to the farm. Of course, too late this season I suppose. But you inspire me to do that. And side note, we have an avocado that I've been babying in town and trying to figure out the right spot for it at the farm. thanks for the info!