Cornice Boards and drapery work room...

 I am tickled with the cornice boards I made for my sewing room. Honeyman built them for me and I upholstered them a couple weeks ago...  finally yesterday got the trims on them. I used three different trims :O).  I wanted something colorful and fun for my sewing room. I think they fit the bill!

            Beaded trim, furry trim and braid trim on top... Just so fun!

 Finished my drapery table, almost. Still have to put the yellow tape measures in the metal tracks down the sides... its a two man job... honeyman will help me this weekend. Need four hands to get them on.



TexWisGirl said...

good for you! and good luck, too!

A Quiet Corner said...

It sure seems like you have all your ducks in a row...good luck...sure you'll do fine!...:)JP

Henny Penny said...

The cornice boards turned out so pretty! I love the colors and the trim. You are so talented!! I love your sewing room. I really need to get in my little sewing room and change some things. I'm bored with it all right now. Could just be that it's January! :)

Love Of Quilts said...

I do like the sewing room. The fabric you used on the cornice boards is so pretty.

Laura B. said...

Howdy Texan! Thanks for joining my blog btw. I checked out yours and it looks like we have a few things in common.
Love your sense of humor!
Also your tag line at the top of your blog is kind of like my life's mantra! Just wish it hadn't
taken my about 45 years to figure it out.
Looking forward to reading about your new ventures as a workroom.
You might want to check out a google community if you haven't already: Window Treatment & Upholstery Workrooms
hosted by by Susan Woodcock (owner) and Kim Chagnon (moderator).
There are so many friendly folks on there with lots of encouragement & sharing of ideas etc.