Mother nature likes to be sure you know who is reallllly in charge. :O)

Just when  your feeling kinda cocky about how on top of things you are ROFL.  Mother nature throws you a curve ball at you just to make sure you know who is really in charge. I admit I am not very good at checking the weather. I know a very bad habit for someone who gardens. I have been caught of guard more than once.

Well folks we are suppose to have a week of below normal temps for us. Now if it were not below and I mean well below freezing I wouldn't worry. Onions are tough right. They survive usually even freezes has been  my experience with them, but there is a freeze and then there is a FREEZE ya know LOL.. Plus my onions are fresh from the box they were shipped in and barely planted 24 hours, so not rooted in yet and sighhh well they are saying down to nearly high teens a couple nights this week... well great sighhhh.

So we had some thin painters plastic and I put that over them on top of tomato cages because lets face it they are barely standing up as I have them planted very shallow. Any weight would have sent them all over sideways.. Of course the wind was blowing and that darn plastic was going every where ....argghhh.. which yes knocked a few over but hopefully I will get to stand those back up and they will do ok.

Honeyman came out to help me and we got it clipped to the tomato cages and then he suggested that we put one of the shade covers which I had taken off the hoop frames to weight down the plastic.. I said brilliant

                                                          This is now my onion row.

                                    My helper in all things. Who also needs a bath realllllly bad. LOL
 Because I am itching to start seedlings and just had to plant a few things. I have artichokes in these and some swiss chard. I can hardly wait for time to start the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants etc!!!! Its just to early to start those yet, but soon, very soon!


Sandy said...


I'm glad to hear you covered your onions.....just in case :-)

I'll be planting mine on the 1st of February. That will be about 6 weeks before our last frost.

My helper Bulldog Man will be out playing in the soil with me :-)
As for my 4 legged helper, he will walk through then go play. He's not much of a helper in the cooler weather of

Give Keeper a scratch behind his ears.

Henny Penny said...

Oh I love your back yard garden! I would love to have that much room and sun. Glad you got your onions covered. What a job with the wind blowing. You do have good helpers, when needed. Everything you do looks neat and tidy. Don't know how I missed your last post on preserving onions but I enjoyed it and want to remember it...if I can get onions to grow! :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Hooray for onion saving! I am excited for you to start seeds too. Been running lately? :-)