Not a week ago it was 70-80 degrees. Now this, not snow, pure ice. All of it.
Keeper is happy about it all. You want to make a Great Pyrenees happy, realllllly happy. Well this will do it!
He loves the ice and cold! He has played in it, ran in it till he is wore out, rolled in it, laid in it.... He is having a blast! He has worked Giraffe Cow over big time LOL. Even though Giraffe Cow is frozen hard LOL... Giraffe Cow is a stuffed toy that is half cow half giraffe LOL.. thus the name. Its one of his outside toys.


Onions taking another hit. Won't even go into why they are not covered. Just hoping for the best at this point.

                                                                  Yep pure ice.
                                                Still working Giraffe Cow over good LOL


julieQ said...

I bet your onions might be OK. Your doggie seems to just love this snow!! Stay warm!

Laura B. said...

Your dog is like my girl, scampering and jumping around.
I think it's cause they have long thick fur and don't mind the cold a bit!
He looks so content and ready to play!

1st Man said...

WOW! We are having the 'threat' of sleet tomorrow morning but that's some serious ice there. Stay safe and warm. And smile when you watch Keeper having such a fun time.

Sandy said...


Hey Girlie, I hear you about onions. We covered ours a couple of days ago, it's been snowing here with ice, and wind. Temperatures have been with windchill 10 degrees.
The local weatherman is saying to expect another week of this type weather. I'm keeping my fingers crossed both our planted onions survive this weather mess.

Keeper is having a blast!!!! Give him a scratch behind his ears for me :-)

Keep warm, and be careful of that ice.

A Quiet Corner said...

Seeing this on the news, I wonder how you would fare...bundle, stay safe...:)JP

Henny Penny said...

Your snow...or ice storm looks exactly like ours here in NC! And Keeper with Giraffe Cow looks like Eli with his bear. Twice I've had to sew the head back on a bear. The little wild piglets in your last post are so cute! Sure hope your onions make it.