Easter Egg Radishes

My Easter Eggs lol ... Sorta

I pulled my first radish this morning, I don't know why it seems like my radish are slow to grow. Some of the packages said 26 days on them. ummm mine are not making in 26 days LOL
But never the less here are my first ones!
Do you eat the radish tops? When I thinned down my radish I cooked those greens in with swiss chard and a green onion both from the garden :O). I then added that to some rice. It was very good.  I don't know why we never ate the green tops of radish before. But we do now!

I have been getting asparagus for a couple weeks now. When we get burned out on fresh I will can and pickle some. Right now we are gobbling up all its producing. mmmmm its so good.


Kev Alviti said...

No radishes here - but I've not planted any so I can't expect them! I need to get some asparagus started this year but I haven't got around to building the raised bed yet, I do love the stuff!

Phuong said...

Your radishes and asparagus look wonderful! I think radish, turnip, and beet greens are excellent. And young radish seed pods can be good in stir fries.

Our garden won't be tilled until May, but I've started lots of asparagus from seed. Cross my fingers that they germinate.

Henny Penny said...

I've never seen radishes that pretty and I've never eaten the tops before. The asparagus is beautiful. Everything you grow or do turns out great!!

PioneerPreppy said...

Haven't even seen an Asparagus shoot coming up yet. Soon we will be having them every night though. I am usually the first one to get sick of them as my Wife could eat them everyday for years.

A Quiet Corner said...

Never tried the tops..?What do they taste like?...:)JP

Sandy said...


I cook just about anything with green tops. Eating greens is just my thing :-)

This year, I didn't plant radish because they took over my garden last time I planted them.

We have asparagus growing, I'm lucky it never makes it to the house. We just chop it off in the garden and snack while working outside.

Love Of Quilts said...

You are making my mouth water. Love asparagus! I have never canned it, can it be put in freezer. Do you can it the same as anything else.