They look deceptively easy....

Roman Shades, they don't look like much to make when you see them finished. But they are not telling the truth! It doesn't take much and they won't pull even, they won't fold up right, they have a sag here or a poof there. Yep there is some work in a roman shade, Add a valance, or banding or trim. Orrrr maybe you want a hobbled roman shade not a flat one.... the list goes on....  as always I will say my photography skills are lacking lol

I have five I am making from these fabrics, all different sizes, one is a monster in size...

This first photo the shade is all the way down... I have it on my shade holder right now. This one is not very long only 40" inches long. 44 inches wide.

In this next photo you see it pulled up and it stacked into folds
 In this next photo its pulled all the way up behind the valance
In order for there to be room for the roman to be all the way up behind the valance and it not push out the valance you have to mount these on the board a different way then you do a flat roman that has no valance. I am telling you to this day I have to put on my thinking cap to do it. I would describe it but it would make no sense.. you will just have to trust on me this. Its like putting a puzzle together ... I always have to think when I start a batch with valances.

These are outside mount roman shades (they are mounted on the wall not inside the window casing)  so the valance wraps back to the wall on both sides. It has a pleat on the front corner of each side.

 These have locking cord locks so you can pull the shade up and down and stop at any point and it stays where you want it. There are metal rods that go in the bottoms to add some weight to Roman Shades, it gives them structure as well. You cannot see the metal rods from the front or back they are inside the hem.

The roller guides for the pull cords.  Yes there is a thread I need to snip lol 


Sandy said...


The shades look really nice. To complicated to describe in detail. However, you provided pictures and it does make total sense. I like them, beautiful job.

I sure could use a few of those shades here.

Kim said...

Beautifully done!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I love roman shades! Yours look great. I definitely cannot sew at that level, but my mom made them for the boys' rooms for me.

Laura B. said...

Just stopped by and ready through your last 15 posts. Great looking shades!!!! You are so quick!!
Lovely plants and your fruit trees look like you'll have some for jams and many other things!! Isn't this rain crazy??
I hope you are having a good time on your trip.