Sewing room fun

 Working on roman shades right now. Ivory linen. For those that sew clothing or wear linen you know linen wrinkles if you even look at it LOL. Home Decor Linen is no different in that respect. 
My other issue with using linen for roman shades is getting a good crisp perfectly straight edge. 
 See that white 5" wide strip laying rumpled on the table. That is buckram the shop uses in the tops of pinch pleated drapes. I used it to fold the edges of the shade over and press. Its stiff so it gives me a good straight sharp edge. Otherwise when you fold linen over on its own it has a tendency to waffle and sway in and out a bit. Its not a huge amount but with a roman shade it will show like a huge amount even if its just a tiny bit.

Rulers, double sided tape, masking tape, iron, pins of various kinds, lighter, buckram, cord spool holder with cord, pliers, staple gun just out of the photo, roman shade rings, staple puller, calculator, bottle of distilled water for the iron, pencil, bolt of  white lining and a few other things.
                                                  Table rulers. Gotta haves!!
 Thread, can one ever have to much thread? No :O). They all do different things you see. A spool of thread is not just a spool of thread. There is serger thread, regular sewing thread, upholstery thread, in my case I have quilting thread and machine embroidery thread. and the list continues.

  I have a girl trip planned with my best bud in a couple weeks so I have to get these done! We are going to Arkansas!!  Honeyman and Keeper will be holding down the farm.


Love Of Quilts said...

It will be nice to get away with your friend and from all that work. I can tell you a go getter.

Henny Penny said...

Glad you're getting a little vacation. I am still amazed at the work you do and making Roman Shades! I'm like you. I cannot work with everything all torn up and in a mess. I start with the sewing room clean and leave out everything I'll be using. It's hard to sew without making a mess! :) Have fun.

OPQuilt said...

I've done waaaay too many Roman Shades, but I never thought to try the buckram in the edges--good tip. I have nothing on my windows at the back of the house downstairs and a variety of shades on the upstairs (more sun upstairs). I love your table--oh my!--and laughed at how you said your table is messy. You are never seeing my sewing room!

Have a fun time getting away--