They thought Skittles was adorable but because he has horns they could not take him, they said. So ok I move on and keep looking.
If you live close to me and are looking for a pet goat, he needs other animals, a donkey, horse, goats something, he cannot live alone that is why we are in this position, he is NOT to eat. Email me. We can talk. He is super friendly.
Our location is East of Dallas.

Skittles has not done well since Cubey passed away. He has never been alone in his life. He and Cube were exceptionally close and that is why we kept him to stay with her when we made the decision not to raise goats any longer. It was a easy choice, it had to be Skittles to stay with Cubey.  She was not Skittles Nanny but she took care of him even when he was little to some degree.
From there they just were always together.

Since her passing he isn't eating good, he maws a lot, its a sad maw. He is lost. It is sad. We have decided to find Skittles a home with other goats. He has to have some other animals its simply not fair to him to be all alone.

We have some feelers out now trying to find him a good pet home. We will not let him go to a home we feel he could wound up being eaten.  We are not selling him, we are giving him to someone. Right now we are checking into a family who does Birthday parties for kids. They have a petting zoo for the kids, miniature horses, Shetland ponys, a goat, some other animals. I am crossing my fingers.
I have assured them that I would take him back if he doesn't settle in good with the other animals.
Though I know he will. He would be so elated to not be alone. He loves attention, to be petted and eat snacks. He also knows how to play a game honeyman taught him. He can be such a clown.
Keep your fingers crossed for us on this home for him. I think it would be perfect for him.



PioneerPreppy said...

I hope it works out and skittles can find a new companion goat.

Kim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Linda said...

When one of my hens was murdered, the one left, Thelma, was so sad and depressed. I rushed right out and paid $25 for the first hen I could find. Well, Thelma came out of her depression, intent on murdering the new hen. By the next night, they were cuddling. Some animals need companions.

Margaret said...

Oh my, what an absolute cutie. I hope that you are able to find Skittles a home where he will get all the love that you gave him together with some furry companions. Fingers (and toes) are crossed!

Sandy Livesay said...


Will Skittles buddy up to Keeper?
Skittles is a cutie, I hope you're able to resolve the situation soon.

Henny Penny said...

Oh poor little fellow. You know I would take him in a heartbeat, and take good care of him, if there was any way. Wish Texas was not so far away. I would drive and get him. Hope you find him a good home. It is so hard to give one away and then worry about them.

Kim said...

The poor little guy! Makes sense that his heart is broken. I hope you enjoys his new home. Lots of attention and other animals has got to make a difference for him. I know it's hard for you to see him so sad and to let him go, but it sounds like the right thing for Skittles. Good luck.

Kim said...

I've heard that introducing new hens to the chicken coop during the night, while others are asleep, prevents the pecking and near murders. I'd be interested to hear if this works.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I would take him if I was closer although he might not be happy with just horses in the field. I hope you find the right place for him!
Thanks for your comment today! I didn't realize you had been through something similar. It is amazing what am effect food has.

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