I love burning the wood stoves

We have this wood stove in our living room. We do have central heat but have not used it since we got the wood stoves. Except to test it and make sure its still in working order etc. just in case we did need it. We love heating with the wood stoves. I grew up with wood stove heat so I knew it would be great, honeyman was not so sure. :O). But now he loves it too!

 We have a smaller wood stove (no picture sorry) with a glass door in our bedroom. We have a see through fireplace from our master bedroom to the bathroom, sadly we could not find a wood stove with glass doors on both sides. Well not in the U.S. anyway. We found one but it was in the UK. There is nothing like going to sleep with it burning and the flames flickering. Your toasty warm and it makes lovely little popping and crackling sounds, its so relaxing, romantic, calming, comfy, cozy :O)

This is the first time I have attached a video, I must not have done something right as it doesn't work. But the picture is there anyway :O)


PioneerPreppy said...

I would rip that wood stove out of the bedroom so fast. I want it so cold in when I sleep I can see my breath.

Of course the Wife and I are usually at odds about that :)

Kev Alviti said...

I'm with pp on this one, although when we're heating with wood it can be tricky to heat up stairs. I do love heating with wood. The whole process of getting the wood and making a fire just makes me more connected to the process of getting the heat in the house.

Margaret said...

I totally get were you are coming from. We don't have a wood stove but do have real fireplace - when we were looking at houses & I saw it, it pretty much cinched the deal. Wood burning fireplaces are so rare nowadays - it's odd when you think that just 100 years ago or so, every single house would have been built with at least one.

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