Crochet Hook organizer I made

I love this embroidery :O) decided to put ito on this apron I made.
It says
"You say Witch like its a bad thing"
and this cute little sassy witch who I can just see saying that :O)

Clothespin apron I made.  That big pocket is also lined so the aprons are really substantial and will hold up. Soft covered cording is the detail.
You tie the ties in the back or front which ever you like. 
Cuteness :O)
. Lined, no raw edges inside the bag at all, even under the zipper no raw edges. This was fun to make.
.. We are flooding... I swear where was all this rain last summer when we were loosing 100s yes 100s of trees. We gave up counting how many trees are dead on just our property, giant Oaks and huge Cedars they are gone. I am grateful for this rain now, but sure wish we could have had some of this last summer for those trees.

The overflow spot on our pond is in this area, but this whole side of the pond is now overflowing. I sure hope the fish are hanging onto something or they are so going for a ride! There is a creek umm that isn't really a creek rolling down toward the back of the property as far as I can see it.
 Water coming into the pond all the way back up the pasture as fast as it can flow. Um no that isn't a floating pier lol though it looks like one now.
 I am not very good with the camera obviously but you can see the water just flowing out.
This is not part of the pond, this is what a lot of our yard and places around the property look like, standing several inches in water.

Our road is under water in two spots right now. I am so sitting tight and not leaving this place today. 
Again I am surely not complaining, I don't dare after last summers drought. But I do hope this doesn't get to out of hand! Its still just pouring rain. 


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I hope the rain lets up! Yikes!

I love the stuff in your shop. I added you to my Etsy circles. You have been busy!

Pricilla said...

Oh you poor thing. It seems like Mother Nature is just plain mad at us right now. I can't say I blame her...

I hope the rains stop and your flooding does not get any worse.
Erm, how's your backstroke?

TexWisGirl said...

dallas had been getting slammed with rains for 3 hours before it ever even started here last night. i was beginning to think it would miss us. but we managed to get 4 inches overnight. we could use more run-off into our pond, however, as we've got another foot or two of room! send it down!

(and i'm terribly sorry about your trees. we've lost quite a few pines, but so far the others seem to be okay).

LindaG said...

Hope the weather slows.
God bless! ♥

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh my....I hope you don't float away. Love what you have have been one busy girl.



John Gray said...

I am impressed with your goodies

Anonymous said...

I do wish the weather could even out. We're horribly dry here now, and they are talking horrible drought. The things for your shop look great!

Terry said...

Yikes, that's too much water! I hope your seedlings aren't out yet.

Love the aprons!

Chris said...

Your stuff is superb Tex, I really mean it, excellent. Great that you're selling it too!

It won't be long before you'll make enough to buy a speedboat!

A Quiet Corner said...

Tex, although you have created those beautiful things, I have a simple non-related question fro you. Do goats eat pricker bushes?...:)JP

DebH said...

I would like to order a half apron with goats...lotsa goats. I so trust any color coordination you may put together. You are so talented. They are gorgeous! I would find an apron at the market so useful! Pockets are very useful at the market. Very cool enterprise you have going and I wish you lots of luck!

Carolyn said...

Oh, your flooding is terrible! I sure hope the rain slows some and it doesn't get any deeper...
I'm really sad you lost so many trees :((