Update on the goats :O), gardening and something so fun! 
A super fun thing, honeyman and I got bikes! It started out I figured I could take up cycling to make up for some of the running I have not been able to do because of the back issue. It is better but still working on getting myself back where I can just go out and run daily. I am still limited right now quite a bit .  Just got the name of a Dr who does ART therapy over in Dallas and hoping that might help. But in the meantime I thought okay I will get a bike, I have always thought that seemed like it would be fun. Well before it was over the honeyman and I both decided we would like bikes and since our anniversary is Monday 27 yrs married and 29 if you count the two years we co habitated before we tied the knot lol ... Yep we got ourselves some bikes, helmets etc. and a rack to take them places to go ride etc... I am so excited I could bust, yes over the bike but also that honeyman got one as well! Honeyman is a gym guy, he works out at the gym several times a week and at home on the EFX (elliptical machine) inside. He used to be a runner as well quite a few years back but back surgery changed that for him. The back surgery was not related to running, but never the less it ended that for him.  He tried out a bike at the bike shop and was impressed with how lite weight and great these bikes are to ride. Nothing like the old heavy metal bodied bikes you think of that if you can get around the block on it your lucky LOL. Nope these babies ride like butter... ewwwww nice :O)... 
Mine is the silver one and his is the black one.. We got Trek FX 7.3 2012. These are what they call hybrids, not a full road bike that has the skinny tires and curved under handles but not a mountain bike either. For where we live and our roads we felt these were a good choice. We were told this type bike is something you could use for up to a 50-60 mile ride. The bike will do it when you can ROFL. It has more speed ability to it than a mountain bike but less than a road bike. Its is amazing just how much speed you can pick up easily on these though. Its very fun! We have a lot to learn we are certainly beginners!
I did look on craiglist for a bike but since I knew nothing about bikes and didn't have a friend who is a cyclist it was like reading greek. I did see a couple of the bikes on craiglist that we were shown but the price difference was not as great as one would have hoped. In the end we felt as beginners we needed the knowledge and information on what we were buying. You also want to be sure you buy the right size bike. We were very pleased with the no pressure help we got at the Richardson Bike shop in Dallas. Very nice guy about our age helped us. He spent a lot of time with us and they were swamped with customers. But he took his time and answered our questions. We did test rides in the parking lot on bikes. etc.
We did go to one other shop that we didn't feel comfortable buying at.
So honeyman and I will be learning the ropes of cycling together!

The garden is coming along nicely. I still have a few things to get planted. But I have a lot of it in and its doing pretty well. I have already put the shade covers up on the frames. I am happy to report those metal frames didn't move a 1/4" inch in the storms we got! Woowhoooooo and my covers held up well also. I was so glad we didn't get the baseball sized hail here as I am quite sure the covers would be full of holes if we had, not to mention what it would have done to the plants!
The herbs I over wintered in pots ... they have all come back very nicely! I am going to put most of these in herb bed, as they come back every year and in the long run I think that will be better than pots. The mints I will put out in an area they can just go do their thing since they spread so much. 
 Cabbages that got off to a very slow start but are doing much better now. I am hoping they make huge heads as I am really wanting to put up a lot of Sauerkraut!

 Tomatoes and a trellis for cucumbers. this picture is dark for some reason LOL
 Tomatoes and peppers.
 Peppers and yes more tomatoes
 Eggplants. I put in a  lot of eggplants this year. We just love eggplant and I have found it dehydrates very well for later use. The Tapanade (spelling) that Patty gave me the canning recipe for is to die for and we ate what I canned last year before we could turn around so will be canning a lot more this year. Its also excellent grilled on the grill and many other fresh uses. 
 Spaghetti Squash by the trellis
Some of my seeds are not up yet for  other stuff so nothing to show there :O)
 My blackberries that I put in last year are doing very well this year. Although something is eating on the leaves lol not sure what yet.

Hi its me Skittles, I am doing great! I am still very small but I am the new boss of this farm! 
 Sunny and Gary growing fast. Sunny is closest to the gate. 

Gary, he is so sweet. Gary looks after Skittles he has from day one.  If Skittles squeaks Gary is right there to check him out and assure him all is well. He is a very good big brother.
Gary again because how often do you get to get two pictures of a kid standing this still ROFL
The whole family

Last but not least, some  of my Iris that are blooming

This next week is going to be over the top busy, so this very long post is going to cover me for several days! 


Patty Woodland said...

OMG - does Skittles look like Jim or what?!

That tapenade is great for so many things. I canned 4 cases of half pints last year! I use it on rigatoni as a sauce. I put it in ravioli. I use it in risotto. I stuff it in chicken (I know you are vegetarian...) it goes anywhere!

The hubby put in 20 eggplants last year and I asked for more this year. heh

He is a bike person. I wish I had known he could have helped you....

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Congrats on the new bikes!

My eggplant never grew last year. I'd like to try again, but I think I need to buy it already started this time around, if I can find it.

TexWisGirl said...

congrats on the new bikes! richardson bike mart is a great place. and congrats on the garden covers lasting thru those yucky storms! your kids are too cute!

Carol said...

That's cool about your new bikes Sandy. Your goat family is so cute. Sounds like spring has sprung. Have you had any time for sewing? Happy Anniversary.

LindaG said...

Skittles is such a cutie! :-D

Congratulations on the bikes. I hope they work out.
And Happy Anniversary! 27/29 years is great!

Your garden looks great and your Iris are gorgeous. :o)

Happy blessed Easter to you all! ♥

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh sweet Texan I don't know how you manage to do ALL YOU DO!... thanks for sharing this amazing life you live with all of us.....I will tell you I admire you greatly for being so self sufficient.



Terry said...

Oh my gosh, Skittles is adorable! I want to kidnap him!
Your plants look fabulous.
Congrats on the bikes - don't get bucked off.

Anonymous said...

The goats are adorable! Your garden looks amazing. I'm really getting the itch to get out and start working in the dirt. I planted some mints in five buried five gallon buckets with the bottoms cut out so they couldn't spread and take over the whole garden. Worked great until my bucket somehow got cracked. Now I have to figure out how to control or stop it. :-( So glad you and Honeyman got bikes. It will be a lot of fun for you. Happy Anniversary!

A Quiet Corner said...

Glad to hear about the bikes! That's awesome! The Iris are gorgeous but the "Kids" stole my heart as usual!...:)JP

MushyWear said...

Good to read you all are well! Those goats are just too cute. So tiny. Have fun with your new cycling adventure!

V.L. Locey said...

Nice bikes, great garden, adorable kids!!

Susan said...

Wow, your garden is awesome! Makes me tired just looking at it. That is a lot of work! Your little goats are absolutely darling!

Jim said...

Great bikes! That was our main means of transport a few (I mean a few!) years ago......loved it! M-m-m got me thinin'!
Kids make me laugh every time I see them. Yours are adorable little creatures! They have got to be the cutest of all baby animals! And your Iris! Thanks for reminding me of what they look like! It will be months before we see ours.
Great post.

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

WOW! Your garden is looking great. We only have onions and garlic in right now. We have the fingers crossed that the frosts are done here and get some more veggies in next week

Carla said...

ooooo Skittles is so cute and I love the name. A farm not to far from me has goats and they have baby goats. Love to watch them when they get to running and playing. And WOW you have a garden. My hubby hopes to have one next year. Too many renovations going on for him to put one in this year. Exciting part is that is at this house he can put it in the ground and not pots. We figure we have room on an 1.31 acre. LOL
I enjoyed reading your post as always.

Carolyn said...

Oh those bikes are awesome, and I think it is so romantic that your husband decided he wanted to go biking together with you :)

Your garden is simply beautiful.

Carolyn said...

Oh, and my congratulations and best wishes for a very Happy Anniversary!