Ok since you guys said you were not tired of Keeper photos, I have a few more, imagine that LOL

Keeper right after playing, he had just flopped down from a hard play with his toys, he looks like is laughing doesn't he! ROFL :O) 
Still smiling :O) 
We had to put the next size up collar on Keeper as he outgrew his Large. Mikella from the rescue group gave us the XLarge collar that was on him. It was a little loose on him when we got him so we got a Large till he grew a tiny dab. Well he has and now he can wear his X Large collar! 

ROFL a puppy in motion playing/slinging his braided polar fleece toy! :O) 
  Waiting patiently for his chicken broth gravy for his dog food. He likes it warmed up. :O) Can you all tell he has grown! ;O). He really has, he has even gotten a bit taller! LOL can you tell by the look on his face he is about to get his dinner ROFL with warm gravy. LOL

Honeyman put these gates up for me at the fruit orchard.  We are still working on this project. But I planted 30 rose bushes which will grow into a 3-4 foot hedge making a fence of roses around the fruit orchard.. I got three sides in roses. I will have to get enough to go across the back yet. I ran onto a megga buy on Knock Out Roses and I got all they had of one kind. It was enough to do the two sides and the front around the fruit orchard.

These gates are on the front, they go into the orchard. 
The two post you see on each side will be shorter and we are going to put a section of fence between the gates and the post out of cedar limbs and then put a long cedar limb on the top bar/post above the gate. I am going to plant Wisteria there to grow up onto the frame of the gate as well.  I think once its all done and the roses as a fence hedge and the wisteria is on the entrance, ewwww it will be pretty!


TexWisGirl said...

i love your sweet boy! :) he has made it to his heaven on earth with you. :)

I WANT ROSES! when we moved here 10 yrs ago, there were two rose bushes that managed to survive just fine with no help. then i fertilized them and killed 'em both. i've refused to waste money on them since i'm afraid i'll kill 'em again. a GREAT deal, i could justify!

the wild magnolia said...

Oh Keeper is growing and looks so happy! Animals, I love almost all of them. He has found the best home.

I like your honeyman's gates. Good job. I enjoy seeing the progress of your homestead. I enjoy the garden and watching Keeper grow.

Thank you for sharing new pictures of Keeper.

Sandy said...

Keeper is going to be a big pup, :-)

He will make for a great watch dog and protector!

Jim said...

What a sweet looking dog Keeper is! Let's watch him grow!
I can see that hedge of roses now....that will be stunning.
Thanks for dropping by this evening.

Terry said...

Love, love, love your Keeper!
The roses will be so pretty.

Patty Woodland said...

That is one big doggie. I think he is bigger than Pricilla!

Love Of Quilts said...

It will be very pretty.

Inger said...

Looks like Keeper grew a lot, just from the photos in the previous post. He is adorable and has a smile just like my Samson. I love the idea of the rose bushes. I had a few here, but the rabbits got them this spring when I wasn't looking. It's just too dry and hot to try to grow anything much this summer, so I have just let it go.

Pam said...

Love those gates! Keeper is getting SO big...lol! and love that personality shining through! :)

Anonymous said...

Keeper certainly is handsome! I love the idea of the roses as a fence. I'm sure your goats will like it to when they get out (because we know they will always get out). LOL

RiverBend Farm said...

Keeper looks like a happy boy! and I love those gates!!! Beautiful!

LindaG said...

I love wisteria!
Your pup looks quite happy.
Hope you all have a great week!

Carla said...

The roses and wisteria are going to be beautiful. Gates are NICE.
Keeper is going to be spoiled rotten. ;o) He looks very happy and content.