Better attitude and fun things :O)

My new to me 1947 Curtis Payton Loom! It is in our garage in these photos as its to heavy for me to help honeyman carry it upstairs. Its been there for about two weeks... With luck someone is going to be at our house this weekend that can help honeyman carry this up the stairs to my sewing room. :O)



Another new to me... not a object but a ability! I can swim! Yes I have learned to swim :O)
I am tickled about this. 48 years old and I can now swim! As you guys know we live in a small rural town.. I have been going to a gym about 30 minutes from me in another small rural town...  They have a salt water indoor heated pool! Talk about a luxury :O).... Its actually a gym that is tied in with a medical facility. They do rehab and such there, but their gym has a lot to offer, the pool, work out equipment, classes.  The public can join the gym just like a regular gym offers. There I have learned to swim and am taking various water classes... This has been so very good for my shoulder/arm! Its almost back to normal!!!! :O)
It takes extra time out of my days being its an hour round trip driving for me, but its worth it.  As you guys know I have struggled with my running due to injuries and then the frozen shoulder in both my shoulders in the last two years. But I really feel like that is all behind me now. I am doing so much better I feel.
At this gym they do a very good fitness assessment on your fitness level, cardio, strength, body fat, weight etc etc... they will do them for you every six months if you like, its included in your membership.
 I kicked butt on the treadmill cardio test. :O). I know that's bragging but I have worked hard to earn those bragging rights :O). I was pleased with my whole fitness assessment, :O) I did good! It really gave me a nice lift in spirits and though yes I have had some set backs the last 2 years, apparently I have been able to hold my fitness level :O). It gave me a lot of motivation :O), I may not be able to do some of what I would like always....but I can do so many other things! Its given me a good attitude about doing what I can do and not focusing on what I can't do...
So if you can't do something, then find something else you can do! 
Conquer something new :O) its a real boost!!


TexWisGirl said...

good girl! :) proud of you!

i had been trying so hard w/ my shin splints - rest, stretching, ice, more stretching, walking, finally jogged one day. felt great! jogged next day. pain. took 2 days off w/ just easy walk. tried jog today. pain. finished walk as best as i could, sat down and cried.

Melodie said...

You are going to have to hurry up and learn to use that loom so you can teach me,lol!

Patty Woodland said...

Good for you! Swimming can be so relaxing. Are you and Ms. Laughing Duck going to have weave offs now?

Ian Holland said...

Way to go! Swimming is fun, and it looks like weaving may be also.

Sandy said...


Swimming is good therapy for and injury. Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself and feel good.

I love your new Loom.
Give Keeper a scratch :-)

Terry said...

Congratulations on learning to swim! When I broke my clavicle, swimming was a big help in getting the ROM back.
Cool loom! I learned to spin last year, and want to learn to weave next.

the wild magnolia said...

Heartfelt congratulations on learning to swim. I am proud of you, and for you! Good job!

Next, thrilled to see you are to become a you spin?

I await your creations.

Lana said...

You are doing great! I grew up as a waterbaby onward, with an in-ground pool -- a parent who "forced" us to take extreme swimming lessons - high board diving, water survival training that is probably on par with Navy Seals and such --- but I see so many people these days who can't swim so I applaud you LOUDLY for taking this on --- swimming strengthens you and provides endurance in a very different manner. I sure do miss swimming.

Be proud -- you earned your fitness level and it is wonderful to see women caring for themselves!

I am catching up ---- love the gardens!


Fahad Naseer said...
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