I made a skirt :O)

Ok so I made a skirt. Ya'll know I sew for a living.. but not clothes.. I work in the Interior Design field. If its a window treatment I can probably make it. We don't use patterns at the shop to make Window Treatments,  a tape measure, a drawing and we are off and running or I guess that would be off cutting and sewing..

Clothes have always scared me. LOL... I have several blogs I love reading of gals who sew clothing and oh my gosh!! They are good!  Some of these gals even make their own lingerie (bras and undies) I am talking drop dead gorgeous stuff .... 

So my best bud and I recently decided we were going to make some cotton skirts... I have to say for one I didn't own a skirt or dress till last year LOL. I have never been a dress person. But I found I liked the skirts I had purchased last year. So decided I would make some. I love old time looking quilting fabrics and they also lend themselves well to these cotton skirts and since I have a ummm well out of control quilting stash of fabric :O)....

I love pockets so this skirt pattern seemed right for me.  Its Newlook A6129.  It was easy and seemed it would be comfy to wear. DH took pics for me so ummm well the first one is blurry :O)
I was pretty happy with it over all. I did wound up washing it in warm water and putting in the dryer on hot to shrink it up just a bit after this photos was taken.  Which worked given it was 100% cotton fabric. It was just a little big and I got it just a little longer than I wanted. So that fixed that as well as it did shrink about a half inch in length as well from the warm washing and hot drying.
Now its pretty much perfect. 

 Keeper said it looked cute he liked it. :O) ... I did pattern match my side seams. Since in the window world everything has to pattern match, I thought well yes the fabric on the side seams should pattern match. Meaning the pattern on the fabric flows right around the skirt even on the seams.
It has a drawstring and elastic in the waist. I don't plan on bothering with the drawstring again. It really serves no purpose. Other than making a big lump under your shirts where you tie it in a bow LOL
 A little trick I read on a sewing blog.. when your putting elastic in a casing.. if you sew right on the top edge of that casing... then put in your elastic.. the casing won't balloon on you.. it will stay neat and tidy looking. 
( didn't pattern match the casing band) LOL
 Top stitched my pockets... nice pockets on this skirt!
 Used a double needle to put in the hem.. I thought it looked nice.  :O)

One thing I can tell you is ready to wear sizing and sewing pattern sizing have no correlation at all! Say you would usually buy a size 4 in the store... wellllll you will cut out a size 12 in a sewing pattern then. Go figure that. Its a bit odd... 

I liked my skirt so much that I am cutting out several more! They are very comfy. DH has told me a few times now how he liked my skirt. :O). I am pretty sure muck boots and a skirt are not really a fashion statement but DH gets a kick out of coming home and finding me in my muck boots and skirt out doing my chores LOL.. He always has a big smile on his face and says "don't you look cute" "I like your skirt". Ok so call me a sucker but it just makes my heart zing (even after 30 yrs) to see that big smile of his. 


1st Man said...

Great post, love your line about DH at the end. It made US smile!

And the skirt is pretty snazzy.

Side note, Keeper is so big now....when did he grow up so fast??

Sandy said...

Hey Girlie,

I love the skirt, great job!!!!
Those will be great for the hot summers there in Texas.

Give Keeper a scratch behind the ears for me.

Terry said...

Very nice! DH is a keeper too!

Joy said...

Heheh, why not wear a skirt and muck boots (: I'm sure it'll be the new rage.

The skirts are very pretty - and so satisfying to have something you enjoy wearing to be something you made with your own hands.