Let's walk the garden...

I love to walk around outside, to look at everything, do a little pruning, or if need be grab a bug :O)

Purslane, I planted this for the girls (chickens) when I found out that it would raise the omega 3 level in their eggs.
How cool is that.
I just break off some and toss it over to them and they gobble it up.
 It's also just lovely to look at and takes our Texas sun and heat very well.

 This was a wreath.. yes a grapevine wreath that you could sit things inside of and hang then hang up .. it kinda looked like a big bowl. It had been in storage for quite a while.....So I used some old coco nest liners from some hanging baskets that needed replacing.. I tore them into pieces and lined this grapevine wreath with them.. filled it full of potting soil and purslane. Its turned out so pretty! 
 The Zuchs holding their own against the dreaded squash bugs :O)
 Tomatoes are growing!
 This is the spaghetti squash, I am very pleased so far with this new variety I tried. The one drawback is no saving seeds from this one. Its hybrid. Yes I said hybrid LOL..(hybrid and GMO two different things) Sometimes I try out hybrid veggies even though I cannot save seeds from them. I love spaghetti squash but I usually only get a few squash from this size planting with the original heirloom kind. I saw this variety which said each squash is smaller in size which I find a plus as there are only two of us.. It also said its makes a lot more squash per vine then the original kind. To my knowledge there are two kinds the original which  you can save seeds from and this new hybrid one which  you cannot save seeds from. I got the seeds for this at Parks Seed. If the vine growth rate is any indication of how well its going to do... then I am very excited!
 I am so tickled with my Swiss Chard, for some reason I usually struggle to grow this. I know crazy most people it does very well for. I think the cooler temps this spring helped a lot. I go out and whack off some most every day to use in either lunch or supper!

 These are those itty bitty starts I showed you before that I rooted off the Kiowa blackberries I have. They have grown a lot. Every single one made it! By the end of this summer these will be huge.

A view of about half the big garden.. Tomatoes, squash, raspberries, blackberries etc. 


Lynda said...

Your garden looks beautiful. I pulled way back on mine. We're in a super drought and my well is struggling...so I'm planting enough to eat fresh and plan on picking up my canning produce from the farmers market. I need to keep my water for my fruit orchard and berries. Glad to see you posting again.

1st Man said...

Holy cow, your garden is awesome. I feel so far behind, ha. Beautiful!!!

Sandy said...


Beautiful garden beds!!!

My Swiss Chard has taken off like yours, I need to harvest it soon.

Are those three greenhouses you have?

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh I love spaghetti squash. I have never tried to plant it.

Terry said...

I can't believe how big your garden is! It all looks wonderful!