Always fun to pick the garden

Its raining today again :O)... it rained yesterday! I picked the garden in the rain yesterday morning, just a lovely drizzling rain. It did that all day!
This was my haul from yesterday.
 The green tomatoes were picked due to a broken branch. they were all three on a small branch and it had broke. So I brought them inside to ripen. I usually pick my tomatoes shy of being ripe and let them finish inside or seems a bird inevitably will have a bite LOL... but those green ones are way greener than I would pick them usually.

This is what I picked this morning, in the rain :O)

 Its seem the birds are liking everything I planted this year. I have issues with them taking bites out of my tomatoes as I mentioned above so as I said I have learned to pick early and let them finish inside, but this year they seem a bit more fiesty with their efforts! I had another broken limb so got a couple more green tomatoes as well. I would have really liked to have left some of those tomatoes on the vine another day but I didn't feel I dared to do it with the birds being so piggy this year. My blackberries are getting ripe but I see the birds have discovered them as well. I am going to have to really pay close attention on getting them picked. I think they are getting about half right now. ;O( I surely don't want that to continue. I have some netting I may have to see if I can toss that over them. Funny how this year the birds are much more aggressive in my garden. I wonder why. 

I canned all day yesterday an will be doing so again today. Thats another post :O)

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Terry said...

What a haul! I've harvested one grape sized tomato. That's it.