Then and Now

I was looking at some photos, how things have progressed here. :O) 
Me on the tractor disking up the square where our front garden is now. Just a big square then. 
I grew a garden in rows a couple years this way .....

Then,  Beds to grow in with wire bottoms... due to the moles!

 Then we decided to do some hoop frames, we used PVC to start with. It was fairly cheap. The shade cloth was a dumpster rescue off a job. We wanted to see if they would work. Keep the garden from burning up once we started hitting that over 100's ... It works for the plants... but the PVC didn't last anytime. The heat here destroyed it pretty fast. We also had one winter that we got that unreal amount of snow which did a fair amount of damage. We fixed them several times and then said.. ok we know they work so lets go for metal.

 Now we have this . Metal hoop houses that are like what the commercial growers here use. 
Now we have as of this year the new black shade covers we purchased. 50% shade so they allow more light then the free dumpster cloth, but that dumpster cloth allowed us to test this out for free! My garden did well under for the couple years we used it, but I knew it would do even better under a bit less shade density.

The roses we put in a couple years ago to grow the rose fence around the fruit orchard...

 Now amazingly just a couple short years later! They have exceeded our expectations. 


TexWisGirl said...

i remember when you put in that line of roses! holy cow!!! or horse manure - whatever you're using! :)

Terry said...

Like TexWisGirl, I remember when the roses went in. How they've thrived!

Natsu Uaganda said...

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