Herbs and Spices

I grow a fair amount of herbs and spices, for both culinary and medicinal uses.
But I can't grow them all! Due to either space, time or climate. 

I buy what I can't grow myself from Mountain Rose Herbs. I cook a lot and you guys know I can a lot and we use medicinal herbs frequently at our home, so I tend to buy in larger quantity than maybe some would. You can purchase 4 oz, 8 oz ,1 lb from them. 
Their products are Organic this is important to us. I have bought from them for a few years now and I have never once been disappointed in anything I have purchased from them. 

Their herbs and spices that you buy in bulk come in heavy gauge zip lock bags with a lovely label on them.  I store my herbs and spices just like I do food. In glass jars with air tight lids. But don't throw those zip lock bags away until you take that label off! It peels right off the bag easily and will re-stick wonderfully to the jar! I really like that :O)

 You can see the labels I peeled off their bags and placed on the jars. It has plenty of sticky to just stick it right on  the jar and it stays.

The flavor and quality of their products speaks for itself .  If  you only use them for culinary purposes and not medicinal I can tell you the difference between theirs and what you buy at the grocery store flavor wise and quality wise is night and day, no exaggeration. The color, the smell, the taste soooo much better. 

They carry a huge selection, the best I have seen in both culinary and or medicinal. 
They have  photos and info on each item they sell. So no guessing. I like that too! They also carry products for making your own soaps,lotions etc. They carry teas. They carry some prepared medicinal herbs already capped. Some already prepared body care products. Well just several other items, lots to look at on their site. 

If you buy X amount of lbs you get a discount which is very easy to do if you use a lot of culinary and or medicinal herbs. The discount goes up by the number of lbs you buy. You can combine for the discount. So each lb of something you buy counts toward the total discount. 

Store them in glass jars with air tight lids out of direct sunlight and their shelf life is very good. 

If you don't use enough to buy by the pound then you can get 4 oz which is a nice size amount that will usually fit in a jelly size jar for storage. Sometimes a pint jar depending on what it is, as you would expect a dried leaf spice 4 oz will be more in volume than say 4 oz of whole nutmegs. Which by the way if you don't use whole nutmeg and grate it as you need it, oh my do yourself a favor and try it! Major difference! I love their whole nutmegs.

My advice is to wait till you have a larger order or maybe your neighbor or coworkers would want to order something too. Shipping is higher everywhere now, how well I know this as I ship for my store and for the Interior Design Store whose online fabric sales I handle. It never ceases to amaze me what it cost to ship these days.. Mountain Rose Herbs ships UPS so your items get to you in a timely manner but you will come out ahead if you place a larger order rather than several small ones.

So anyway I am just sharing this information... as I learned about them from other bloggers as well! I don't work for them. I am not getting anything in return for this post. 
I just really like this companies products. Feel they are good quality, fairly priced for what they are and the customer service is very good.

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Terry said...

Your jars of herbs look so pretty.