Since ya'll asked

Some of you guys have asked to see photos, here is a sampling of what I canned this year. Not everything but several of the things.
This year I tried several new recipes and I was very pleased with a lot of them. They will become yearly cans now. 
We try to grow and preserve as much of our food as we can. I also dehydrate peppers, squash, onions etc. to cook with. 
I don't freeze very much stuff. I either can it or dehydrate it. My fruit trees got caught by a late freeze this year. Had they made I probably would have froze some fruit.

Its really amazing how many jars of food you can eat in a year when your not buying that item at the store. I won't buy peppers, zucchini, squash at all at the store. For a couple reasons, they are either on what they call the dirty dozen list for highest level of pesticides if you can't get organic or  they are a crop that is being predominantly grown GMO (genetically modified ) now.So if we don't grow them we just do without. Add in that I have a lot of food allergies and that explains the selection of what we grow as well. :O)

Zucchini and Yellow Squash

The garbanzo beans I did not grow. I buy organic dried garbanzo beans and can them :O) Everything else you see in these photos I grew. Blackberries, my blackberries did very good this year!! I actually can a lot of beans and black eyed peas as we eat a ton of them.

Tomatoes with jalapeno (my rotel recipe) . Dill Relish, Sweet Relish, Ketchup (new recipe) Whole tomatoes, Zesty Zuchinni bread and butter pickles. 

 Dill pickles!!! mmmm we love dill pickles! Sweet Relish (new oh so yummy recipe I tried this year). Salsa Verde ( from tomatillos),  Onion Relish (oh I did buy Sweet Vadalia Onions when they came out to make that onion relish!)

 Whole tomatoes! Use a ton of these babies! You can't see it but also Mexican Salsa 

 Pickled Peppers another new recipe I tried and will stick with. They stay very crunchy!
 More sweet relish... 
 Whole Cherry tomatoes, another new recipe this year that I am realllllly pleased with and will be planting extra cherry tomato plants next year to can more of these... Jalapeno Jelly its so very good, is behind the tomatoes.

 Berries, and Kumquats! Yes I grow the Kumquats! :O) 

Ratatouille roasted onions, Zucchini and eggplants in tomatoes... oh so good!!! You already saw the Zucchini and squash above in another photo.

So there is a sampling of my canning :O). There is not a day that goes by that I am not emptying several jars for our meals and it just makes me smile! :O) 


Kev Alviti said...

It all looks so good! I'd love to be using those in my meals! I've just dug my dehydrator out and I'm drying apples and raspberries at the moment. I never thought about drying sweet peppers though - how do you prep them before use?

Texan said...

Can you believe I am allergic to apples, sighhh. I use pears anywhere apples would be used.

I zipped over and left you on comment on your blog on re hydrating the peppers.

Terry said...

What an awesome bounty! I bow to you, oh great Canning Goddess.

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Looooooooooove the productivity! Good eating.

1st Man said...

WOW! You SO inspire me. Seriously, that's just so awesome. Nice work!!

Sandy said...


Nice sampling!!!
You've been busy working hard.
Where did you find those unique shaped canning jars?

Henny Penny said...

Oh my goodness! You make me wish I could go back to the beginning of spring and start over! I had never thought of canning all those vegetables. I mostly stick with green beans. I stew and then freeze tomatoes. Your food looks fresh and delicious! I admire you!

Furry Bottoms said...

I have a question about canning. When you can something... how long is it good for? For just that upcoming winter or does it last at least a couple years? (obviously canning-idiot here)

DFW said...

Can you supply the method for the yellow squash & zucchini? My Ball book suggests not canning them because they will disintegrate. I knew I had seen others do it & they look beautiful. I will mostly like use in casseroles but wonder how they hold up sauteed?

Lynda said...

Your jars are beautiful! I love seeing the squash canned...I freeze mine...but your canned squash looks perfect!

Lisa said...

Do you give out your ketchup recipe out? I'd like to have it! From start to finish, including canning instructions.