Well you guys know me. I post and then I get super busy and I don't LOL... 

I am now over 400 jars canned with a few peppers left to go. Its been a very, very busy summer! 
I have also begun the work of pulling the tomato plants and cages, pulling the dead vines of this and that off the trellis. I think we are in for a early fall. I hope so! We have had a much better summer this year then we have had in many summers! But we are Texas hot now and we need rain. I won't complain though as I said we have had a much better summer this year than we have in a long long time, temperature wise and rain wise!

I have also been pegging plant limbs right and left into pots of dirt to root off new starts. I have done some blackberries, raspberries, lady banks roses, regular roses. I plan on doing some Texas Lilacs and a few other things as well!

I have taken cuttings and have many, many starts I hope of stevia. I saw on pinterest how to root it off from little cuttings using perlite so I am giving it a whirl! I read stevia is difficult to start from seed that you are better off doing cuttings. I did a lot so if even a good portion root I will have many new stevia plants which will require a new big bed for them! But I will have time before next spring to get that bed made. I also pegged a few stevia branches as well just in case these little cuttings decide not to root LOL. 

I will do a post with photos next time :O)


Kev Alviti said...

Amazing amount - I think we all need to see a picture of your pantry (although I think you said before a lot of it is in the spare room wardrobe) - it must look amazing all stacked up!

Terry said...

Girl, you exhaust me! Put your feet up and rest a spell!

Sandy said...


You've been busy girl!!!
400 cans, wooohooo!!!!
Keep up the good work :-)