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I have been busy putting the garden to bed.. pulling old plants,,, cutting back the herb bed which was totally out of control. Trimming plants etc.  Trying to get some things planted that I have grown from seed that were ready to go in the ground.... I have more of that to do. With fall coming now is the time to try to get some of it in the ground.

I have decided to move my two raised beds of raspberries... What a undertaking this will be. First I am trying to figure out where to move them to! You don't see many raspberries here where I live. I myself struggled to get them to live. Finally I managed and figured out to keep them under shade covers and they wouldn't burn up in our sun. I gave them two of my  prime rows in my big vegetable garden. They take a entire hoop house with shade covers. Well a few are three yrs and most are 1.5 to 2 yrs. I have only seen a handful of raspberries sighhhh...  I have decided that I simply can't justify letting them have the two rows under a hoop house which I have shade covers for any longer. They are not producing and they were huge this year! Lush big green plants and no berries........ The two rows will go back to being vegetable beds. The raspberries I will dig up and move to a new location. It can't be full sun, it can't get west sun. It needs to be morning sun and a bit of mid day sun or they will burn up. I have to be able to get a water hose to the area as well. I will put a soaker hose in with them when I plant. I hope they live and I hope to get berries some day LOL. I read up and it seems raspberries can do this . Not make berries. I read several reasons why this occurs and sadly not really any solutions.... I had no idea to be honest that this was a issue with them. My experience is really with blackberries which pretty much is if you have the plants they make berries LOL... I came across  many threads online of people looking for answers just as I was. They had the plants, they looked great but they were not getting any berries. Its going to be a major undertaking moving those plants! But I am going to do it because I want those to prime rows to be productive rows, producing food for us.

Keeper had a spell of not feeling well and it worried me greatly!! But he is right as rain and doing great now! Still a bit of a mystery as to what was going on but again he is doing good now! :O)

We have been having some lovely weather as of late :O) Its been nice!

We did have a storm come through on Thursday that was quite fierce... The weather people said the weather tracker they have out by us clocked the winds at 83 miles an hour. We had some limbs down and a bit of minor damage on the farm. Some didn't fair near as well.

Honeyman was on his way back in from out of town and got stuck in Houston because they closed the Dallas airport due to a storm. They sent the flight he was on to Houston because they could not land in Dallas....Finally before it was over he and the co worker that was with him rented a car in Houston and drove home to Dallas and then he had to drive to our house from the Dallas airport where his truck was..... They drove into the storm and honeyman said  it was quite un-nerving to say the least.  Bless his heart one very tired honeyman made it home finally at 2 a.m. in the morning... It was a very tiring trip all the way around for him...

I am still working as well for the Interior Design studio. A lot I can do from home but some I go into the shop for. Not daily like I was though...This is working out well! :O)

So that is what has been going on around here..........


Kev Alviti said...

Must be a sod getting in at that time after a rough ride like that, mind you nothing beats getting home after a big journey.
As for your raspberries have you pruned them right. summer raspberries fruit on last years stems whereas autumn ones need cutting down every year.

Henny Penny said...

Gosh, you are a hard working woman! I have several overgrown plants in pots that I have got to get in the ground now!Glad Keeper is fine.

Terry said...

Sorry to hear that Keeper had a bad spell. Hope that's the end of it!
Good luck with the raspberries.