Sewing room rework, a bit long winded but posting when I can.

I have been in the process of getting my sewing room set up for drapery making as well as quilting and other sewing. Since going back to work in the Interior Design field, I needed to change my sewing room a bit. One thing missing was a drapery work table.  A must have if you are going to make window treatments. So honeyman built me a drapery table.  I was able to keep my large quilting table that he also built for me, its on the other end of the room which is in total disorder at the moment.

 As with anything there is more than one way to make a drapery table. Mine is more like what I used at the very first place I ever worked in Interior Design, some 25 years ago. I like the tac board on the table for pins. Some use this some don't. I like using the metal rulers with ruler pins instead of drawing lines on my table cover. Drawing lines just forces one to recover the table top more often. I also find the ruler is a good stopping point for fabric where drawn lines don't do that. Neither is right or wrong. Its personal preference.

Since I work at home and for the shop this will be great.  I drive an hour one way to the shop. This way I can work from home more easily.  Plus I take on my own jobs as well.

                                                         12 foot long 5 feet wide.

 I have to cover it in batting and then duck cloth and then put on the metal tracks that hold my side rulers. The metal tracks go down each side of the table the full 12 foot length. There is a groove on top of the tracking that holds the yellow ruler. 
Metal tracks that will be installed on the edge of table
 Metal ruler that goes in the top of the tracks. See how legible from both sides.

 Storage under the table for rolls of home decor fabric
Additional storage under the table on the floor for plastic bins.

Table with batting going on top, this is for ironing You iron a lot when you do any type of interior design sewing.
Time to cover in duck canvas. 

 Then you put on your metal tracks that hold your tape measure..
One one end there will be a roll bar system for putting fabric on the roll so I can just roller it out down the table. These bolts of fabric can be super heavy, to heavy to lug laying on the table. We haven't got that done yet.

Since starting this post several days ago, I hit a snag.
I got all done stapling on the cover, with a hand stapler I might add sighhh (air staple gun is ordered, but not arrived yet) and realized that my batting was to puffy I had used. My ruler pins would not stay in the tac board. 
To thick... sighhh... soooo I had to take alllllllll those staples out of the cover and the batting and am now in the process of putting on a much thinner batting. I have no idea why I didn't see this or think of this before I was done stapling it all on. Well the silver lining is that I had not put on the metal tracks and tape measures yet! 

The white capped pins are ruler pins. Which I use a lot when tabling window treatments which is a good portion of window treatments made.
Do you love that metal dish, its magnetic! Honeyman came in with this for me :O)
 The new batting is laying under the ruler and you can see yep its a go. The canvas is not back on yet. As you can see they do exactly what they are called they hold the ruler secure so it can't move, but still allow your fabric to go to the very edge of the ruler. I will never forget the first roman shade I ever made. I was told you have to be precise, 1/8" can make it pull wonky.  Talk about pressure!  ROFL

So anyway this is what I am doing right now. My plan is to get my sewing room completely put back together and organized before my holiday from work is over. That gives me till January 5th.
 I have been working outside in my gardens as well, but then that is a given :O)... 
My onions sets will be here first week of January! 


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Wow, your sewing room is awesome! Lots of space to be creative!

Tracy said...

That is one impressive space. Good to hear you that you have been having some garden time as well. Best wishes for 2015.

Sandy said...


I love this table, and sewing room.
This table is something you really need if you're working from home.

I would love a table like this in my kitchen designed just for prep work.

Today, I ordered my onions....thanks again for the resource and instructions. I'm looking forward to planting!!!

A Quiet Corner said...

What a great place for you to work! Making it just the way you need it too!!...:)JP

Kim said...

Hi Sandy!
Gosh, you are busy as ever, girl! This is an excellent addition to your work/quilt studio. I can see this beauty getting lots of use. Honeyman did a fine job building the table...makes it all the nicer that he built it for you. Happy drapery making. :-D

1st Man said...

Wow I beg you can get some amazing things made on that! Of course I see it and think of something in a workshop, 2nd Man would see it and think of the middle of the kitchen, ha.

Henny Penny said...

What an amazing sewing room. But then, you are an amazing person. You do so much! I started reading about your new sewing table yesterday but didn't get to leave a comment. Happy New Year to you and your husband...and Keeper too!