Onions planted!

The day started out cold and damp but by afternoon the sun made a appearance. It was so good to see it after days of not! My onion plants where in the mail when I got home from work yesterday. Today I planted all six bundles 50-75 per bundle. Whew that was a job LOL. Given how ikky and cold the day started it wasn't the most pleasant job starting out either. 

                                              I couldn't get these guys in the big row so just stuck them in here.

I took all the shade covers off the hoop frames today as well. That was a bit of a job. But these guys need all the sun they can get :O). Plus My elephant garlic will appreciate the shade cover being off it as well. Just had not had time to get to them till today. This elephant is  some that would not fit in the bigger row I did in the back garden. It seems happy enough. 

These are the onions I am trying by what they call sets, I got them last fall and planted them. So far they are doing good. I will be interested to see what type onion bulb they make. They were the little onions that come in the bags with no stems just little bulbs. I was making something that called for green onions the other day, didn't have any but had these so I just whacked off some tops and they worked great as green onions.
My elephant garlic bed. Its doing nicely as well. 

Volunteer Swiss Chard. Its from last spring! Some of the plants that died back during the summer heat have come back to life. :O)


1st Man said...

Hmm, so it's not too late to plant onions in these parts? I was kind of disappointed that I thought I had missed the onion planting season (I thought they went in when garlic went in and definitely missed that). Haven't ever tried onions before but wouldn't mind taking one of the beds and putting the right soil mix in and trying some. I'll have to do some googling. Thanks!!

Henny Penny said...

You beat all! Do you ever rest? Wish I knew more about when to plant what. I really want to grow kale. You are so encouraging! The onion sets look good!

Kev Alviti said...

You can plant spring garlic and onions as well. Garlic planted in the spring needs a cold spell thpugh or it won't break into cloves.

Kev Alviti said...

They're some big beds of onions, how do you store them and how long do they last once harvested?
My elephant garlic is doing well as well but I've only got about 10 plants. 30 or 40 bulbs of garlic is normally enough for us as well.

Sandy said...


I can't wait for my onions to come in. I ordered from your source and they will ship on the 19th.

Your onion and garlic looks good all set and ready.....come spring and beyond you'll have some nice harvests.

A Quiet Corner said...

Nice work that Willa's off!...:)JP