Canning Kumquats

Its that time of year again, actually I am canning these later than normal this year. I left them on the tree longer this year. I figured they would keep better on the tree then off while I tried to get to canning them. They did.

So today I canned them. I have eaten a bazillion right off the tree and I still had 5.40 lbs when I picked them today. Ya'll know the tree is in  my garage with my other citrus trees.

I am also trying out drying some of the ones I canned last year! I saw a recipe for doing dried kumquat candy and it was basically exactly what you do when you can them only instead of canning them you then dry them... so I figured well let me use a jar from last year cuz they have had all that time to soak in that yummy goodness in the jar. Will have to report back on how that worked out but I have no reason to think it wont.

 I started out to deseed the kumquats this y ear, but then decided nah... I haven't in the years past and they were just fine. That is a slow process LOL

                                          Jar of last years in photo below, they hold up well.  
This years in photo below... Always can that extra syrup because its sooooooooooo good.
I use it to sweeten tea or like today added in my ice cream mix. It would be great in some fizzy water on a hot day over ice. I always forget what that water is called LOL. I saw on one gals blog she put some type of cognac or brandy I forget now in her syrup. Don't ya know that was good. I got 6 Pints of Kumquats and 3 Pints of syrup. The last jar of syrup was still in the canning getting process when I took the photo. My hot water bath canner holds 8 pints.

          The supervisor was on duty.

this is what I do to can these. Its a mix of two recipes I liked. I am just passing on what I do but you guys do what you feel is good  :O)
This is the ratio of ingredients, if you have more kumquats thats fine just use this ratio for every four cups of kumquats. 
4 cups kumquats 
2/3 cup water
2 cups sugar

Your going to think you don't have enough syrup when you first put your kunquats in the pan with it, but you do and then some. The Kumquats will create more juice as they cook. 
Whatever size batch I do I add the juice of one lemon and a bit of  pure vitamin C powder. Today I had 16 cups of Kumquats when I started out. I added 1/8 tsp of vitamin C powder.  It just helps with color retention and its non chemical so I do it.  I add the lemon to brighten the flavor. I like it in there. 

Put a X in the top of each washed kumquat

Bring the water, sugar, lemon juice to a boil.  Boil for about  4-5 minutes watching it and stirring so it wont boil over. Once its a nice syrup, lower your heat and add your kumquats with the X in the tops. Bring it back up to a boil and simmer for 15  minutes or till the skins are getting a bit translucent.

Then scoop out the fruits and put in sterilized jars. Then cover to 1/2 of jar top with the syrup. I have found not over packing or filling the jars is good. You want to be able to cover all your fruit with the liquid so leave room for that. 

Process for 20 minutes in a boiling bath. 

No I have seen several other recipes and I have used a couple but I like mine like this so this is what I do . The times you will see vary on every recipe it seems with the kumquats. I do the longer process time I have seen. But I don't soak them over night any longer as I don't think it changes them. Some recipes have you do the process up to boiling them in the syrup and then let them sit over night then bring back to boil and can them.
For me I decided to go with the recipe I found that didn't do that....they can marinate in the jars on the shelf and that works great. I can't say I can tell a difference in them. 

                                                          Coconut Kumquat Ice Cream
 I also took a can of coconut cream and a jar of last years kumquats opened it up and dumped the kumquats and syrup all into the food processor with the can of coconut cream... zapped it till the kumquats were in little pieces through out the coconut cream... I have that in the fridge cooling now. It will go into my ice cream maker here in just a little bit! I can tell you that can of coconut cream with that jar of kumquats and syrup... oh my gosh was that tasty!!  What a yummy ice cream that will be. I have one of those electric ones you put the tub in the freezer. Take it out when you want to make ice cream etc. I really like it as you can make ice cream out of just about anything using  full fat coconut milk or coconut cream. Its the perfect ice cream base and so good for you.


Laura B. said...

Sandy, I am so inspired by your many talents, tasks
and hard work. Canning was something my grandmother did
(I spent 50% time growing up on her farm).
She got me involved in that process--first growing
everything and then preserving it. We canned pickles,
jellies, jams, preserves and we canned vegetables
like tomatoes, green beans, corn, etc But I do remember
how much work it was! So many great character
traits I learned by observing my grandparents work ethic.
I can hear in your blog how satisfying it was when you ate the
"fruits of your labor" :-)

1st Man said...

Hmm,'ve got my fruit tree spidey senses popping up, ha. Looks wonderful, thanks for sharing!!

Jane M said...

The little house we rented in Florida last year had a kumquat tree that was full of ripening fruit. I did wish I had my canning supplies with me. Your jars look wonderful and probably taste even better.

sandra hagan said...

This is wonderful! Kumquats processing is new to me! I think this would be divine!

Sweet hellos to Keeper!! He is a love!

Will try this, the ice cream, mmmmm!!!

Henny Penny said...

You are always doing something productive...and interesting. I've never seen or tasted a Kumquat. Now I want to know more about making that ice cream and where to get a freezer. Poppy and I love ice cream! Would love to make healthy ice cream. Thanks. Oh, Keeper is just beautiful. Don't these dogs have the kindest, sweetest faces!

Kev Alviti said...

Those look amazing! I remember the first time I tried a kumquat and I pealed it and thought it was disgusting! What a plonker! One day I'm going to have a heated greenhouse and grow all the citrus that you do!