Let the seedling planting begin!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE planting my seedlings for my garden! There is just something about it that... well it makes me giddy actually. I told honeyman I was so excited I could hardly focus on the task at hand LOL... Crazy I guess but well I love it.

Ok so first up I set the exercise room up as a seedling nursery. That is the room I use to germinate them. Then as they get big enough I move them to the greenhouse outside. I can control the environment easier in this room to get them to germinate than I can in the greenhouse.

Yes that would be my treadmill LOL playing host to my seedling trays. I have my heating blanket under them. :O). I also have a space heater in the room so as to keep it nice and toasty. Peppers are notoriously hard to germinate. I have found warmth is my best friend to help get them up. I have the ceiling fan on low to keep the air moving in there and once t hey start poking their little heads up I will leave the lights in the room on non stop till I move them to the greenhouse. The room has this nice big window and one more on the other wall.  Its nice enough to run outside so I can give up the treadmill to my seedlings or I could move them off to the floor too if I realllly wanted to LOL.
 These trays hold my peppers. Yes those are all peppers. Tomorrow I will be planting my tomatoes and my eggplants. Which is a lot to plant in one day but going by the farmers almanac and my grandma always did and she could grow one heck of a vegetable garden! Not good days again then for several and with work I need to get them done! So I will :O)  I planted approximately 124 I think it was, but you know some won't germinate, some will die for this or that reason and I will inevitably break a few or drop them when planting, I know but I do it every year.
 Dining room table where I made a list and checked it twice :O)
 The longer list to the left is for my tomatoes, what I will be planting.. the list to the right was my peppers. I have not made a eggplant list yet. I kinda stumped my toe on eggplant seeds this year so I have several new varieties to try LOL. As a matter a fact I bought quite a few new varieties of seeds for thise year and will e planting more of everything dues to.....  that is another post a little surprise which I am soooooo excited about!
Thought you might like to see how the kumquat ice cream and candy turned out.
 The Kumquat Ice Cream well let me just say I can't think of a word to properly describe how good it is!
Its sorta like sherbet but much richer with the coconut cream base. Its softer than super hard ice cream but in a perfect sort of way. The flavor is to die for!!!

 The kumquat candy turned out so good! This is all that is left of it LOL. I can't stay out of it! Honeyman likes it as well!

Busy week ahead, I will be working on a pair of drapes this week, if the shop gets in any shades I will be picking up everything for those. I am so every pleased I can now work  at home!!! Just have to pick up the fabric and work orders. This is going to help me out so much time wise!

A list of the peppers I planted and where I got the seeds

Red Cherry Sweet from Tomato Growers
Amy Sweet Hungarian from Amishland Heirloom Seeds
Feher Orzon Pepper from Amishland Heirloom Seeds
Emerald Giant from Sustainable Seeds
Yellow Monster from Baker Creek Seeds
Orange Bell from Baker Creek Seeds
Red Cheese from Baker Creek Seeds. ( a VERY hard pepper to germinate but its soo good)
Red Lamuya from Mariannas Seeds ( friend and I both got seeds from tihs company this year, she said the tomatoes germinated great from this place but none of her peppers seeds did) So I will report back on mine as to if this was my same experience.)
Big Guy Jalapeno Hybrid ( yes a hybrid this is a really nice very large jalapeno from Burpee, if you like HOT you will love these. Ever once in a while I do plant a hybrid seed. These are HUGE too boot)
Jalapeno Gigante Hybrid (yep another one, these I bought in different years and am using up the seeds from both pkgs this  year. Both were about the same to tell you the truth in size and hotness. Both we liked very much. Darn shame can't save seeds off them due to them being hybrid)
For those that aren't sure Hybrid doesn't mean GMO,  I NEVER would buy a GMO seed! That is scary stuff and I hate that we allow that in the US!
Giant Arconcagua from Mariannas Seeds
Rotunda Russian Red from Amishland Heirloom Seeds
Doorknob sweet pepper from Amishland Heirloom Seeds

I have one more pepper in route .. late seed order..
Corno di Toro Rosso from Seeds from Italy, I ordered several different seeds from this company new to me company. They had some varieties I had not seen before so that was fun! Some swiss chard, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, yep I did :O)


Love Of Quilts said...

I wanted to plant my tomato seed now and do you know I can't fine them since moving. I don't want to buy any of those seed that have been modified. Good that you have a plan and get to work from home.

Laura B. said...

My goodness, with all those varieties of peppers, you'll be getting enough antioxidants
and vitamin C to last the whole year! You are like a library of resources for seed producers.
Look forward to reading every post. Can't wait to see your drapes you'll be working on this week.

Sandy said...


Okay, I've planted my Dixondale onions several days back and them seem to like the raised bed.

Now I'm getting all my seeds ready for planting in the green house (inside of course).

You have a great selection of peppers this year.

Kev Alviti said...

Your ahead of me but I did buy some compost yesterday and seed potatoes. I'm the same and get all excited after a big rest from gardening over the winter.