Drapery remakes for a client

A client wanted his previously custom made drapes remade. He liked the fabrics still and wanted to use them at his new town home. But he wanted them a bit more "now" as he put it. They were pinch pleated drapes. One pair was inner lined and lined. One pair was just lined. Both of them were 2 full widths per panel.

For his new town home,  he needed single width panels and twice as many as he had....as luck would have it the two width panels he had split into single widths would give him exactly what he needed.

Sooooo I split the the panels and did away with the pinch pleats to make them flat panels that hung by wooden rings on wooden rods.  They were also to long for his new town home. Luckily this worked as a advantage in the remake.

The fabrics were nice quality fabrics and he still very much liked them. He showed me three bedding sets he had purchased and wanted to know which I would go with. Well  hands down the terracotta was the right one I felt, it just made the terracotta in the drapes sing. I am always happy to give a client my opinion,  but I always ask. Do you love that? I ask him prior to my choice if he loved one of the three more than the others. They all would have "worked" but I wanted to know if he loved one more than the others. When you lovvvvveeeee something a lot then you need to consider that, even if sometimes it may not be the designers choice. :O)......don't get me wrong I would have said to him if one was awful ROFL :O)...To me the terracotta was perfect and beyond the other two. He said no he had picked up all three thinking they worked but he didn't know which to go with, but he too was leaning toward the terracotta. :O)

He did the installation of rods. He installed new rods and sent me these photos the drapes after picking them up and hanging them. They were exactly what he wanted he said, so he was happy. :O)

Remaking existing drapes can become more work than making them from scratch, but in this case it was a good deal for everyone involved.

 I do not know if his walls were white in his previous residence. But he was happy and this is what he wanted to use. :O) So I was happy he was happy :O)


DFW said...

Beautiful work on your part!

Sandy said...


Beautiful work my friend. The terracotta spread works wonderfully with the curtains.

1st Man said...

I LOVE the look of the curtains going up to the ceiling even on smaller windows! We could do that in town and it would look really nice. I will have to remember that. Nice work!!

Laura B. said...
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Laura B. said...

Wow! Strong work on making the panels more "today".
Sometimes these redo jobs are so convenient because you don't have to go anywhere.
The client brings everything to your shop and you just work with what's there. Maybe new lining was added.
I myself have had a few of these in the past. The one thing I require is a good cleaning of the treatments first. I had one job that had so much dust, all I did was sneeze!
Since then, I explain to the client that if the item is uncleaned there is a charge to get it dry cleaned or I ask them to get it cleaned before they drop it off.
I did have a question Sandy, Did you charge labor for both disassembling and remake of each width or just the labor to make each width?

Love Of Quilts said...

The curtains look great. I know this was harder then making them, having to take them apart. You did a great job. I wanted to ask what the last two photo were of.

Leigh said...

Wow, those look fantastic. Well done. I've been muddling through drapery making, but with nowhere near the professional look of yours.

commoncents said...

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Bob Ward said...

I love the idea of repurposing whenever possible. With your hard work and creativity, you were able to remake these drapes into something new and fresh that the client could fall in love with all over again. The terracotta bedspread was the perfect choice to compliment both the drapes and the art over the bed. Well done!