Perfect weather, gardening and happy clients :O)

Well it was beyond beautiful today!

I planted more radish in the garden. I planted more tomatoes, peppers in seed trays.

I cooked and cooked and cooked, made a 20 day supply of food for Keeper, its now in daily servings in the freezer.. this is a huge job. But Keeper has not had one single ear infection since I started making his food for him! woowhooo  If this is what it takes ti keep him ear infection free then okie dokie his Momma will cook  food for the Great Pyrenees. He is so worth it! Honeyman helped me clean up allllll the pots and pans it took to make this much food! LOL

So remember when I said I had a surprise, welllll the surprise is I am getting a new garden spot! I am so excited! This will give me a third garden. I wanted more space to add more vegetables. We were discussing more raised bed etc. Then it was like a light bulb went off! You know the times when you think "and we didn't think of this first why" ..... We did some research and found out how deep moles tunnel... Now the plan is .... we are going to till a garden spot a nice size plot..... then around the perimeter of this tilled area we will trench 2 feet deep. We will then put the hardware cloth wire 1/2" grid wire down into the trench standing up.  (We usually put this under a raised bed to create a place to garden.) We will bury the hardware cloth. I will also be planting daffodils around this area as time goes but not 2 feet deep obviously. That is to deep for daffodils. They are added insurance to send the moles another direction. The point is the moles won't get in the garden because they don't bury deep enough in tunnels to go past the perimeter wire! Hello!!! Why didn't we think of this sooner! This will be easier an way less expensive than raised beds! Almost everything I read said 2"-12" is the depth a mole will dig tunnels.. but I found one or two places that said up to 24".. so ok we will go the full 24" deep on the trench to put the wire wall in the ground... We should be totally covered doing this! I am so excited.  I have so many new seeds this year and I need more gardening space. I was dreading building all those raised beds with wire, as they are a lot of work :O). Again " we didn't think of sooner why"? LOL

I bought some new seeds from a Italian Seed Company that sells here in the U.S. The seed pkgs are huge compared to ours not only in size but in seed quantity. They are also very pretty! They send you a lot of seeds in a package! 

So these are the seed package from the seed company.
I got two tomatoes to try, one sweet pepper, one Zucchini, a purple leaf swiss chard, the rainbow of radish seeds and a cucumber. 

                             My seeds I planted a week ago are coming up! these are some tomatoes 
                                                                  More tomatoes up
                                                                 Swiss Chards up

The Peppers and Eggplants so far not up...

 You guys remember the client I did the drapery remakes for. Well he ordered some throw pillows. I did two knife edge 18" pillows  and one lumbar. The lumbar I had to get creative to do as the piece left from shortening the drapes was not quite big enough to get a standard lumbar pillow. So I added a band to the top and bottom of it. I turned the plaid the opposite way on that band, you can actually barely see it on the top and bottom o the lumbar pillow looking at it in these photos.  I used the same plaid for the back. The two 18" knife edge square pillows front and back were the plaid fabric. As you can see I matched the pattern on the two 18"pillows so they were identical when you look at them. I also matched the pattern on the side seams so they flow from front of the pillow to the back of the pillow. They are reversible. He picked them up and was very pleased with them. In the photo I have them on my sofa to get a picture. The plaid fabric just happens to be a fabric I have used in my own home. It was a perfect color match to his print fabric. As luck would have it,  I had yardage of this plaid on the bolt. Since my work room has more fabric in it then some fabric stores LOL so I have been told. LOL then that worked out well!


TexWisGirl said...

you're a happy gardener. :) i like those pillows. really nice! glad keeper is doing well!

Weekend-Windup (John Paul) said...

That's great. Gardening is the way to go...

Henny Penny said...

That is such a good idea for the garden. I know you can't wait to get started. Do you have a heated greenhouse for your seedlings? I hate having a little greenhouse going to waste. We are having the worst weather of the winter right now. 15 degrees and winds at 45 mph with no warm up in sight and sleet, snow, and freezing rain coming tomorrow night!! I want to garden!!! Your sewing is so pretty.

Sandy said...


Raised beds are what we use here because the soil is terrible. I haven't had mole issues at all.
I'm hoping your mole issue will be resolved with the raised bed.

Beautiful pillows!!!

Lisa said...

I'm jealous of you. Like you've seen on my blog, I'm not even close to planting. I don't even know when I'll see bare ground again. Grrrr

Can you please share you doggie food recipe. My two mini weinies always seem to have ear issues.

Jim said...

Reading this post, Texan, as I am looking out onto my driveway that is packed with ice! lol What a contrast!
How exciting to be seeding and getting something out in the garden.
Those pillows look wonderful. No wonder your client was happy with them.

Laura B. said...

Love your pillows!
And I am so excited that the seeds you planted are already sprouted. wow that is so cool.
Wish I had room to make something grow like that!!
Look forward to seeing everything planted in the ground and harvested!