Seedlings everywhere

The seedlings are coming up and doing pretty good... My pepper germination rate has been off a bit this year. I have replanted several....Not sure why, I have done everything the same as I always do. But then peppers are notorious for not having the best germination rate. No biggy, as I said I replanted :O)

I have added some lights for my seedlings once they have gotten up, I don't normally do this. We are having a pretty cold time of it at night still for us. Its a bit iffy .... Okay cold as in cold northern or eastern U.S. cold..No not that cold. But cold for us. I don't feel comfortable putting these guys out in the greenhouse yet even though I have a heater out there that kicks on if the greenhouse temp falls below 45... so for now I just clipped some lights and pulled some lamps into the exercise room on top of the other lights in there ... trying to keep seedling central  bright and warm :O) ... I have a space heater in there and of course the electric heating blanket :o),,,,,

Yes these guys are up and happy .. they are now sitting on the weight bench instead of the treadmill :O)... lights are clamped to the weight bench ... ya the exercise room has pretty much become garden central LOL
 Arent they cute :O).. I come in this room a gazillion times a day to see these guys! I love growing my seedlings..

 Yep a lamp and two clip lights 
 Treadmill  holding seed trays that are still working on coming up 
 These guys are trying hard but have been slow......
 Everyone say hello!!! LOL  They are all waving ... no really trust me they are.. :O) 


Sandy said...


I see them waving, lol!!!!!
Like you, I check on my seedlings numerous times throughout the day.

My seedlings are in the my little greenhouse, which in turn is inside my house sitting on a tarp. I'll move the greenhouse outside next month. For now, the seedlings are loving the warmth. Or shall I say they're loving the sun (aka my grow lights).

My next process will be thinning out the seedlings in each pod, and starting a couple more trays.

Tell your seedlings Oklahoma is waving at them, lol

Henny Penny said...

Yes, they are so cute! You've inspired me. Next trip to town I'm buying what I need to start seedlings! You have a lot of patience.

Love Of Quilts said...

Good to know your gym is getting its work out...double duty.

A Quiet Corner said...

I would be in there as much if not more!...:)JP

Laura B. said...

Your little plants look so cute! They give me hope! I love Springtime.
I will have to post some pics of my crab apple tree when it blooms 1 pink and 1 white.