Another busy beautiful outside day and a chick playpen

Ok I spent all day outside again today, mowing, digging, planting etc. I am officially wore out. LOL.

I rigged up this little playpen of sorts for the chicks today. They love it!
I will let them play outside when the temps are right for them like today and tomorrow... but we drop then for a couple days so they won't get to go outside and play.

Turned out they didn't even need the heat lamp. There is black fruit tree netting on the top of the pen you cant see it to good in the photos. So nothing could swoop down from above and snatch them.

 Plus Keeper was on baby sitting duty so he was watching for anything that might bother them. I still have a ton of daffodils in bloom. So pretty.
 Last fall I stuck some clippings off hygraneas in this bucket. You know how they die back at the first good frost.. then I cut them down to about 12" tall. I put some branches in this bucket with water and stuck it in the green house..
  Roots! Got to be the worlds easiest way to root off more hydrangeas.

Some of the roman shades that bids were out on have been approved by the clients. So tomorrow I will be picking up fabric and work orders. Get started on those.  :O)


Kev Alviti said...

Good to get them out early. the sooner they're eating bugs and things the better I think, also a little grass does them good.

Sandy said...


I so hear you on cutting grass and working outside, I've been doing it too. I'm exhausted and can't seem to sleep tonight.

Your chicks look like their enjoying themselves and of course Keeper is their big protector :-)

Congrats on the bids, now you have some fabric to pick out.
Have a great day!

A Quiet Corner said...

I was so excited to read about those Hydrangea clippings...I am going to try it this Fall and overwinter them in the Utility room in the basement!...:)JP

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Love those little chicks! I planted some seeds this past weekend. It's too early for most stuff still though.

Carolyn said...

The daffodils are so beautiful! And your fantastic green thumb is evident in those hydrangeas; I'm sure if I tried that they would just die.

Henny Penny said...

I can't believe you have three posts I haven't read! I love the baby chicks enjoying being outside. Your place is beautiful, all that green grass and daffodils. You really must have the greenest thumb in Texas...or the USA! Keeper looks so regal standing there. Wouldn't it be hard to own any other kind of dog after living with a Pyrenees? They are so sweet. I would love to know how you make Keeper's food. Eli has ear infections too. Thanks.