I may not be able to move tomorrow but I got a lot done!

First off wanted to show you guys the four new chicks, yes I know I was only going to get five. But you see when I was back at Attwoods they had bantams and well they were so cute. Only four followed me home!
So ok we will have 9 chickens not 5 :O)
 I was at the right place at the right time over the weekend. I purchased 216.00 retail of plants for 9.00.
No really. I got the grapevines for 50 cents a piece. My best bud summed it up well, when you find plants at megga bargains its like finding a treasure! Its just so great!
 40 quart size pots of Tete Tete daffodils, Multiple plants in each pot. 10 cents a quart pot! I could not have even bought the bulbs for what I got the pots full for. Yes they are done blooming for this year but they will be back next spring and you guys know I am a daffodil aholic with the moles here.  So 4.00 for all 40.
These guys will be going around our new garden we are tilling up this next week end if the weather holds and we do not get any more rain! I want to put daffodils allll the way around it like a border. I told you guys we are going to try a garden in the ground using wire buried in a trench and I am going to put daffodils too. We are starting to feel brave and have discussed maybe this year just trying it with just the daffodils around the whole thing and see what happens... It not like they killed every single thing in my garden before. We know not to plant certain things in it like don't put a squash vine that your crop is tied to one root in the ground because then if they get that plant you lost allll that squash crop.. I think we will go with plants that are individual so if they get one say tomato that leaves us many more of that tomato.. Like I say we are not sure but we are thinking maybe just try it.. the wire buried in  2 foot deep trench  around the whole garden would work for sure but if we didn't have to do that.. man would that be nice. Okay so below the Tete Tete Daffodils I got.

 Then two 6 packs of lirope for 50  cents a pack. Lirope is one of those plants that takes a lot of abuse. It hard to kill it. It blooms pretty purple flowers and you can divide and split it as it grows... Here I put it in partial shade to shade.
 This was a HUGE job. I had one 35 foot row I had let get totally away from me! It was full of briars and weeds and well you name it.. whew... I also found two places where critters had made themselves a tunnel under the fence into my garden! No wonder I was having such a hard time with them in there last year and lately.. They are coming in two holes like this! Those will be filled with stones.
                                                                 Hard at work on it..
                         This is what it looked like when I started .. sighhhh mercy what a job this was...
 All done!! I have kiowa blackberries started  on the far end about 5 feet. I had let weeds get all in them as well.. oh my gosh that was a prickly job getting those out.. wont let weeds get back in again. I have right at 100 kiowas that I rooted off of my other kiowas if you guys remember .. I pegged them into pots.. Well they all took... I won't be able to fit them all in this row but I will fill it up with them.. the blooming bush you see is a cherry bush but its never had a cherry on it.  Maybe this year, who knows :O)
Then I cleaned the roof top on my green house today. It was dirty  and light was not as bright in my greenhouse as it could be so I washed it down.. Had to get on a ladder. It was a bit tricky but I got it done!
Then scrubbed down the sides and door and window while I was at it .I forgot to get a shot of the outside LOL oh well.. I have steadily been filling it up with seedlings.

Then  on top of that I mowed for a few hours this morning, yes hours. We have sandy soil so even with the incredible amount of rain we have had I was able to mow quite a bit. I like to use our push mower with bagger. I dump the clippings and leaves around shrubs as mulch. Like below, this is a Texas Lilac and I have got it mulched good now for spring.  As spring and summer go I keep mowing and keep dumping the clippings on anything I can. 
Yes I am exhausted and dirty from head to toe LOL but what a GREAT day!! The sun was out and the skies were blue. Warm and beautiful!!! Doesn't get any better in my book.


A Quiet Corner said...

So envious reading this about your bargains, digging, planting and finding too!...:)JP

TexWisGirl said...

still the plant bargainista!

Weekend-Windup (John Paul) said...

That's great, I love those little chicken.

1st Man said...

I wanna be you when I grow up, LOL! I know if we were at the farm full time, we'd be doing all sorts of stuff but with just weekends i have to plan my time wisely, ha I need to hit some garden centers and see if I can find some clearance plants. Home Depot and Lowes have some clearance areas. I'll check that out. I love plant bargains!!!!

Sandy said...


Great deals!!!! Lot's of planting to do there :-)

Kev Alviti said...

I love a busy day like that! Nothing better than collapsing from tiredness at tge end of a day and knowing you've ticked off loads of jobs! Those plants were a bargain as well!

PioneerPreppy said...

That was a lot of work. I have been digging up the raised beds and putting chicken wire down to keep the moles out too. So far it seems to be working.