Spring,We are getting there....

Daffodils around my Fuyu trees I put in last fall. I hope they all four made it!
                                             Daffodils in moles tunnels around in the yard as well.
                                                       Citrus trees lining the driveway

                                                Daffodils, garlic, some onions  and herbs. Those are the onions I planted last fall from the little dried ones you get in a bag. So far they seem to be doing fine. I am curious to see if they bulb up into regular sized onions. So far no but I think its probably to early for that. If these make nice size onions I will plant them every year as I was able to get these and plant them in fall and it gave them such a head start over the green starts I put in January. Which as you guys know have been through it with the weather but they are holding their own!
same bed, the bed to the right o the walking path is my asparagus
Starting to see them popping up! These never made it to the house. Snacks while I walked

                                      Daffodils around fuyus again and in mole tunnels around yard

Fruit orchard in bloom. Only two of my plums were caught in those hard freezes with snow and ice. Those two always bloom out super early. I have high hopes for some fruit this year. Knocking on wood.

                                                         Another of the fruit orchard

 I put all my Tristan and Loran bush strawberries in this feeder! Hopefully can keep the rolly polly bugs off them this way!
 A confused Saffron! It should not be blooming right now but this one is. Its sopping wet like everything else right now. But you can see the yellow in the center!!

 The whole saffron bed. I am going to put a 2 foot chicken wire fence around the raised bed. The rabbits have eaten on these all winter. Had I not put the wire on top of it I am sure they would have dug up the bulbs and the squirrels.  I am sure its not good for them but they have tolerated the nibbling. But I want to keep the rabbits off them. I am going to put the black plastic netting that I have laying on them as well now on top of the chicken wire fence. That will keep the squirrels out of it it I think. I would like to not have anything laying directly on the bed itself.  I think every single bulb I planted sprout up! I am excited to see what I get off this bed come this October! We have have had a incredible amount of rain this winter. Then some ice and snow too. Great because we so needed it here to fill the lakes etc. But since saffron can rot easily if kept to wet I worried a bit. I think the raised bed is for sure the way to go. I used a good loose mix of dirt, compost, sand so it drained really well. It was never standing in water. So far so good!

                                                    Seedlings in the greenhouse.

                                                 Giant love in a giant white furry package


small farm girl said...

I'm so jealous of your flowers blooming!!! We just now got rid of the snow. Your pictures gave me hope. lol

A Quiet Corner said...

Wondering if we will ever see just plain grass, I love your Spring blooms!...:)JP

Sandy said...

My strawberry plants are in raised containers with straw around each plant. This has worked for the last 3 years for me and the rolly polly bugs stay way.

We've been getting all kinds of rain since the snow has left. I worry about root rot on everything already planted.

Will you be planting your fruit trees that are lining your driveway out in your orchard?

Scrapatches said...

I am really enjoying your spring photos. All that growing green and blooming! It is still cold and winter here in the northeast. Looking forward to spring ... :) Pat

Dee Nash said...

It will take your onions awhile to bulb up. They have to be thinned--why our grandparents had green onions on the table--and fertilized. Then, you break the stalk so that they put energy into the root system. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments. Happy Spring!!~~Dee