Mine and Keepers new babies and seeds and .......

I say mine and Keepers because Keeper loves chickens LOL. He knew the minute I walked in the door with the little box and it went cheep cheep cheep what I had. He is the best chick baby sitter you have ever seen. Then when they get big he protects them.  I got five. Yes for a girl who at one time had 45 chickens :O), it was hard to pick out just five. But five is all we need. That will supply the three of us with eggs. Honeyman, Me and Keeper. We got them at Attwoods Farm store. Just love that store.

I am trying to keep in mind that I have a bit less time now than I used to given I am working now. So five it was.

 and I am so tickled because they had organic chicken laying pellets and organic chicken starter!!! You cannot get organic chicken food down here Believe me I have tried. The feed stores all say it comes from north and east etc and its to expensive to have it  sent here blah blah blah.. Yes this feed was more expensive about twice what the other food was. BUT its organic non GMO and that is important to us. The chickens will eat mostly greenery, vegetables, as they will free range during the day. So way to go Attwoods I hope you keep carrying the organic chicken

Then they had seeds on sale so I got some radish seeds I didn't have, White Icicle, Radish Minowase Asian variety, Giant White Radish and then a goumet blend. I got a Italian pepper  Quadrato D Asti Rosso. I wanted to try. A cucumber that should be super fun it grows 2-3 feet long and 3" in diameter its Armenian Yard Long. I got another pepper Latin Pasilla bajo suppose to be brown when ripe and you dry it and it makes mild hot smokey spice That sounds good doesn't it.  Then I got the new cilantro I have been seeing that supposedly will tolerate heat much better. Finally a new basil that is suppose to have leaves so big you cna use them as wraps. Now that would be outstanding wouldn't it Make a mix then use basil leaves to wrap it up and maybe bake it or grill them? We will see if the leaves are really that big!

Then I got two tomato plants in 4" pots which are in the greenhouse so I don't have a picture to show you but they are called  Giant Rainbow... The picture showed a large orange, yellow, red  mingled thus the the name tomato.... They are a Heirloom tomato, so if they do well I will save seeds. They were on sale for 69 cents each They didn't have many vegetable seedlings out yet. Its been so cold here so they are later getting them in.. But the gal that does that told me this week she is getting in a truck of seedlings. Yes even though I do start many seedlings for myself. I do love to go to Attwoods and pick up a few seedlings of this and that to try. They have three packs there which I love So you can get just three of something to try and they are 69-89 cents for a three pack!

We are so close to getting into planting here I can just barely stand it! We are dragging this winter out for sure here but we are close!


TexWisGirl said...

awww. congrats on the new cheepers!

Leigh said...

They are always so cute! That's great news about the organic feed, although I wonder where in the east it comes from. I'm east of you and cannot find any kind of organic feed whatsoever! Unless I grow it myself.

Henny Penny said...

You sure came home with some fun things. I just love baby chicks. It will be fun to see all those unusual plants growing. We want to keep only four or five hens too so we won't be getting anymore until some of these die of old age. :) Keeper is so sweet. We are trying to teach Eli that chickens and guineas are not toys! :)

Sandy said...


Atwoods is a favorite store for me too!!!! I was there on Friday, picking up some organic purple cabbage. The chicks were just making all kinds of noise. It was very hard for me not to buy a few and take them home.