Seedlings and Balloon Shades done!

My seedlings have grown! My tomatoes are in need of potting up. I am on that today.
As you can see I had some seed not germinate. I tried seed from several new to me seed companies this year. Some the germination rate of their seeds was pretty poor. But you never know till you try. Some I will buy from again as their germination rate was good. 

As usual the peppers are lagging behind in size. Always funny how much slower peppers grow than tomatoes. Probably a good thing really. I don't have time to pot up the peppers and tomatoes today! 

                         As you can see quite a few of my tomatoes reallllly need to be potted up.

Bids are out on 22, yes 22 roman shades, so I need to get cracking on my garden work that needs doing!
Oh my radish and onions and my Swiss chard that are in the garden all have survived our weird snowy icey winter weather! I am ready for spring and warm weather I can tell you! We have  however gotten a tremendous amount (for us) of much needed rain and moisture from all of this. Our lakes are up quite a bit!
We have also had one of the gloomiest, sunless winters I can remember. whew.

Below are the balloon shades for anyone who wants to see how they looked done :O). I was tickled with them.

I think the client is going to be very pleased with them. I was not able to get pictures to do them justice. I am not a photographer needless to say LOL.

These were 41 x 81 each. They are working balloons meaning they go up and down all the way.
The client wanted to use the banding material across the top and get a ruffle on the bottom. She only had a very small piece of that fabric. It was difficult to get that for her. This was the best that could be done. She knew this and  was fine with it. But had there been enough fabric the ruffle would have been cut longer so it would show more. But all in all they really turned out gorgeous.

In these photos they are hanging in the cutting room in the shop so not a very pretty back drop LOL... all the storage on that shelf surely does nothing for them.. We have L brackets allllll the way around that room for hanging finished treatments. Better that they be hanging, then be laying till they are installed.
Balloons require a certain amount of "dressing out" when you pull them up. Its just part of having a balloon shade. I did not take the time to fully dress these out. Once I knew they were good to go and pulling straight etc. I was onto the next thing. But you can see even not fully dressed out, they are pretty :O)


Laura B. said...

Your shades are awesome!! Love the way your balloon shades stack up!!! The poufs are so pretty!

Henny Penny said...

The balloon shades are beautiful! On top of everything else you can do, you're a great seamstress too. I had a feeling that you named Keeper because he really is a keeper. Boo is sweet too. Keeper is so lucky you all got him.

1st Man said...

Beautiful!!! (the shades AND the seedlings, ha).

I often wonder if, in doggie language, does Keeper call you "Lucky"? HA!

Great description of the Winter, it has been one of the gloomiest I can remember as well.

Love Of Quilts said...

The shades are gorgeous. You have lots to do. I don't envy you at all, good luck.

Sandy said...


Your seedlings are looking really nice.

Beautiful shades!!!