Two Balloon Shades

I am working right now, balloon shades. Two. These are some fast photos I took.
Sorry if the quality isn't super good. Just wanted to pop in and do a quick post to let you guys know I have not fallen off the planet.

This is a tone on tone patterned moire fabric. It was a barracuda to pattern match!
3 way pattern match and a dropped repeat on on side only. Now you figure that one out. I almost didn't! LOL Plus is very hard to see as its all one color but with a lot going on to see.
 In the last half of the 80s and into the first half of the 90s balloon shades were all the rage. I made a million of them. I personally have always liked balloons.  They are starting to show up more and more. I hope they make a raging come back :O).  Looks simple does it not where that seam is... It so was not simple to match that LOL.
 Normally I would not do a rolled edge hem on a ruffle but the client had this floral striped fabric she wanted to use and she didn't have very much, She wanted a band across the top of the balloons and a ruffle on the bottom. Thus the rolled edged hem. It actually looks nice and is a saver if your short on fabric. But isn't how I usually finish off a ruffle.
 Balloons are full and puffy and use a lot of fabric. So lots to handle. You sew on a lot of rings
 Shirring tape across the top back as these will be mounted on boards not on rods.
                                                   rings and pins marking where more rings go

Okay I have to get back to work just wanted to let you guys know where I am.

I will be back with a garden post as soon as I have completed these balloons and some photos of these finished!


sandra hagan said...

Merci, you keep busy, this is a big project. At least it would be for me. 😊

((hugs)) to Keeper!

Laura B. said...

I love your sewn edging on the floral with the black thread, it looks so nice!!
I am working on slipcovers. Keep up the good work and you'll be sure to get 'em done eventually!