Switching back and forth

I have spent the last three days outside working as hard as I could. It was great! I have planted a lot more seedlings. Done some weeding. Some potting and planted most of the bulbs I had bought off the clearance rack. Its been non stop and I was worn out by end of each day. :o)

Then.....I wound up pulling the onions that I planted last fall from the dried little cloves. After what ever animal dug them up they didn't seem super happy about being replanted. So I figured no problem I will just dry them! We have been steadily eating them and the green tops have been so good. So I cut all the green tops into slices and dried them. I am drying the white parts separate. The jars smell so good, like onion dip! mmm
These are not my onions that I planted the starts for in January, those are still in the ground in another row happily growing.

As of today,  time to switch gears and go back to work! More roman shades. Five from the fabric you see below. When you do a room of shades or any window treatment, there are a few things to remember when cutting, most importantly pattern match, pattern match, pattern match. So when your cutting you make sure you get the same pattern at the top on roman shades. Its amazing how each fabric is so different when your doing this. Patterns don't always run straight across a fabric like you think they do LOL. Some fabrics have a pattern match going across, going up and down and at a angle. Some have what is called a dropped pattern match ( don't like these ewwww) It can sometimes be a bit of a puzzle to figure out. Luckily this piece of fabric is fairly straight forward. 

Switching back and forth between work and farm can be a little bit of a challenge especially since my drapery work room is here at the farm....but so far I am doing good :O). Custom window treatments are my job for money, the farm for now is my job for food, and future.  Luckily for me there is enjoyment in both for me. The designer I am doing these for has more fabric on order for her client.... it hasn't come in yet. Hopefully I can get these 5 done before the next bolt of fabric arrives! The fabric ordered is for more roman shades.


DFW said...

Can't wait to see the finished products (plants as well as blinds).

PioneerPreppy said...

It's great that you have a money job that allows you to keep up with the food job. That way you are covered as long as this slow decline continues and if it suddenly takes a nose dive too.

We can't plant onions around here until May usually or they just end up rotting in the ground during the rainy season, same with Potatoes too.

Henny Penny said...

You are such a hard worker! The dried onion tops look pretty and green in the jars.

Sandy said...


Good thing you were able to save those onions and dehydrate them. I wander what critter was digging around in your onion patch?

I love the material you're using for the roman blinds.

Love Of Quilts said...

Those are going to be sharp drapes. I hope you fine a little time to rest. Take care.