Sunny day outside and the Amaryllis are starting to bloom!

Do you love these or what. Amaryllis

   Paw Paw trees, my best bud started from seed, she shared two with me!

So you all remember I am digging up and moving my two rows of raspberries. Hoping they will do better in another location. Well ok I was going to dig them up and toss them, but I can't toss plants LOL.. then I was going to dig them up and give them away, then I was going to dig them up and move them ..
ok I have decided to find a new spot or them. Why you ask since they have not made berries would I do that. Well because of course since I am now digging them up they are blooming! Well a few are. I am going to give them another try. Its not that the plants didn't do well they grew and grew and grew HUGE. I just never got any berries in 2-3 yrs. But maybe a new location will change that. 
Plus to be honest, I want these two rows back in my front vegetable garden for veggies!
This where I am at with the digging, you can see the row to the left and the one to right. I am getting there.
Oh there is one blackberry bush in the row to the left that was suppose to be a raspberry but turned out to be a blackberry and a really good one. I have rooted off 12 plants from it, I am afraid it may kill it when I move it. I hope not but it may. But I have 12 more if it does.
These are some raspberries I dug up last fall and overwintered in pots 
these I dug up yesterday 
these yesterday as well, don't they look sad.... they do this then they adjust ... its the shock no doubt of being dug up. 
These I still have to dig up! Also I have another section on the other row to get yet. I have already started planting veggies in the areas I have emptied in these rows.. You can see tomatoes at the end there.  There are some raspberries growing up through the brick holes you see in the front there.. those I can't get out.. they are caught in the wire that we have down to prevent moles. I will just have to cut them off to the wire and pour vinegar on them in hopes it will kill them sadly. But its not like I have a shortage of plants.. I am going to have pots and pot and pots of raspberries

Do you all do this? 
I cannot help myself. I don't need these plants LOL I have plenty. But because I can, I root off more. Or because I can I plant seeds and grow trees or anything else I can grow from seeds LOL. 
This is very common at my house. I have pots of stuff all over the place I have rooted off or started from seeds etc. 

Mimosa trees and Tallow trees I started from seeds in pots. I over winter them like this .. You can see in the background to the top left more pots of stuff ...

These are my Rugosa Roses! I ordered a bundle of starts.. They were little fellas when they came in. Well mail order. You know how everything is always really small from mail order places. I planted them each in a pot. They are ready to plant in the ground now for sure. They took off  very easy and very well from the starts. These roses make a lot of rose hips, which I want.  Medicinal uses and cosmetic. Not to mention the flowers themselves you can use to make all sorts of things, I even have a recipe saved for Rose Jelly!

I have other stuff in there too.. My friend gave me some elderberries they are in there :O). Then I was given some starts of Wisteria, I have to tell you I had my doubts they were little bits of roots and kinda broken up. I potted them up and to my delight they all lived and I have three big old pots of wisteria now to put somewhere. Oh there is a Mulberry tree in there which has gotten about 5 feet now I need to get him in the ground. All the mimosa and tallow trees I have started because so many trees have died here. They are both fast growing trees and pretty trees. Plus the bees love both of them! We sadly have Oak Wilt in our area of Texas and its wiping out oak trees with a vengeance. Huge old giant oaks are just dieing off right and left and smaller ones as well. So I picked these two tree because they grow really fast and the bees love them for making honey. They were also super super easy to start from seeds. I got some Catawba tree seeds from my cousin that he got off the tree that was in my Grandpas yard. How cool is that. I have had them in the fridge now for a bit and they are ready to put in pots!  :O). I would love some seeds of a Royal Empress tree, if any of you guys have a Royal Empress tree I would love some seeds!


Henny Penny said...

Oh can I ever relate!! I feel sorry for plants. Anything that I can save by sticking it in a pot, I do. When I cut back the roses I can't bear the throw the cuttings away so I pot them. Just this week I gave a car load of potted plants away to a young couple who have moved into a mobile home near us. She was so tickled! I don't have anywhere near the number of plants that you have though! Good gracious you do have a green thumb! :) Your plants are beautiful!

Sandy said...


You could have your own nursery :-)

I am careful what I plant or try to start in this place were living because it's only a rental. The next place, watch out, I'll be growing my own nursery.