Canning and a camera question?

In between making roman shades I have been canning.
Some of what I have canned...

4 half gallon jars of pickles. I canned these in half gallons because the cucumbers were bigger and I like them whole (though I did have to cut some in spears and half lengthwise to pack the jars tight) we love dill pickles so having them in half gallon jars works for us. We can eat a quart of pickles in a week around here so no worries they will go bad sitting in the fridge once opened. I eat dill pickles for snacks a lot. I have always loved them.
 Pickled Juliet (cherry) tomatoes.  In the jar, grape leave, onion, garlic, jalapeno pepper. I put the recipe up oh my blog last year for these. :O).  I have also canned a gazillion quarts of blackberry juice. I have also done 15 jars of "rotel".

The garden has not made this year like it did last year, good thing I stayed with it last year and canned the 400 jars LOL. Because that is what will carry us on some items till next years garden! We have been enjoying fresh eating though and that has been nice. Just not enough extra of a lot of stuff to put up anything. 

Now for the camera question, my camera the flash will not go off on it. No matter what I do. I can hear it or I think I can going off. So this is my question. I am wondering if the light bulb burned out? Do these cameras do that? Its such a teeny tiny little spot where the flash is on this camera. Anyone just wondering if anyone else has ever had the flash burn out on these cameras that take the memory cards? I have a Kodak C180 camera. I have not had time to even google or research anything on this. I really hope it can be fixed easily and cheaply. I was not really looking to buy a new camera right now sighhhh.


Phuong said...

Sorry I'm not very camera savvy, I can barely operate the functions on my camera. Hopefully it's an easy fix.

I'm glad your garden is producing despite of all the crazy rain you'd been getting. The pickles look amazing and I never thought to pickle cherry tomatoes.

Henny Penny said...

I had a feeling you were busy busy canning again. The pickles look delicious!! Wish I knew as much about canning as you do! I know absolutely nothing about a camera except how to take a picture with my little simple Kodak. Don't work too hard!

Sandy said...


Love pickles!!! I will be canning plenty of pickles once my cucumbers start popping good size cukes out for pickles.

As for your camera, sometimes these digital camera's have a reset capabilities by holding the power button down for more than 5 seconds. This may reset your flash, if not......I would take things apart carefully because of all the little wires and see if everything around your flash is connected. Before doing this, check and see if you still have a warranty on your camera. You maybe able to get the camera fixed without having to piddle with the inside through the manufacture.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I had a flash go out on a camera once, but I took it to a repair person to fix. It wasn't cheap - $60.

The pickled cherry tomatoes sound tasty. I'd like to try those.

PioneerPreppy said...

Try finding an old tractor and posing by it then having someone take a picture of you in low light. My bet is the flash refuses to work until you embrace your modeling career :)

Just a theory.