The right tool for the job

I was nervous, this was expensive fabric. Its always a bit nerve racking to cut into really expensive fabric.  I don't care how long you have done something or how well you know how to do something. We are human and mistakes can happen.   So ya one gets nervous, but usually it all turns out fine. Luckily the mistakes are far and few between, but you never want to get cocky LOL or else it will bite you in the hiney.

 First photos... cut out.

 Close up of fabric. It was a bit tricky cutting them out, had to figure out the best placement of the design on the size of shades... Where to start the pattern and end it etc. I think the choices were good.

                                                             Let all the way down

Party way up

Pulled all the way up 

The drapery work table I work on is 60" wide by 144 inches long, fairly standard size. However there have been orders for roman shades wider than 60".  I can tell you making a roman shade with part of it hanging off the table and then having to move that roman shade several times more than you would have had it all fit on top of your table is a toot! It adds a lot of time to the process and it also leaves you open for issues.

The right tool for the job
Solution add a extension to the table. Just waiting on the extension brackets that are ordered, then it will work like a drop leaf table. Pop it up and it will lock into place when the extra width is needed. They have releases that will easily release and let it down when you don't need it.  


Henny Penny said...

You really know what you are doing there! I would be scared to death to cut into that fabric. I had a cousin who did alterations for people, many years ago. A lady brought her a Mink coat that she needed the sleeves shortened on. My cousin accidentally cut the same sleeve off twice. Can you imagine how she felt when she realized what she had done! :) Your husband sounds wonderful. Still don't know how you get everything done! I can't get over Keeper protecting you from that snake. (I meant to reply to your comment). These dogs are so special!

PioneerPreppy said...

what? Why are you cutting fabric? You are suppose to be working on your new modeling career. Making contacts, finding tractors to pose with, that kind of thing.


A Quiet Corner said...

That came out gorgeous...amazingly talented!...:)JP

Sandy said...


Beautiful shades, I would be nervous too working with expensive material.
Honeyman to the rescue, thank goodness!!

MushyWear said...

The shade look amazing. Hooray for your new table extension!

Phuong said...

The fabric is pretty and those Roman shades look so good.

That is a huge work table to begin with. It's great that he was able to add an extension instead of making a whole new table.