Gladiolus in the garden on a pretty morning

Someone woke me up way to early snoring this morning  :O(.  But someone worked so hard outside all day yesterday I didn't have the heart to poke that someone as I wanted him to get his sleep in. I just got up instead at the crack of dawn, ummm not my normal time I can assure you. In the end it was kind of nice because it was cool outside and a bit foggy. Sun was coming up, Very pretty.
 Goaties weren't even ready to get up yet.
 This year when I ran onto gladiolus bulbs and Stargazer Lily bulbs on megga clearance I got several bags.  I planted them in with my vegetables. I put them in the center of the rows and some on the ends of rows etc. my thinking was the tomato cages and tomato plants will hold them up. I also cage my peppers. I thought they would be pretty sticking up all in the garden with the veggies  :O) and hopefully draw more bees to the garden as well. The gladiolus are starting to bloom. We don't have to dig up bulbs here to overwinter them inside. We can even grow Amaryllis outside and leave them, now they do need to be the outside variety not the inside ones that won't take a freeze. I thought of this idea a bit late to do all my rows but I have more gladiolus in the refrigerator that I am going to plant when my veggies are done, I have found gladiolus bulbs will stay good months and months in the crisper drawer of the fridge. When honeyman saw my crisper drawer full of bulbs he just smiled and shook his head. I assured him I was not taking over the whole refrigerator with gardening stuff just the one crisper drawer :O).

I did cage some early on before I thought DUH the veggies and their cages will hold them up LOL

 I filled under this trellis I am using for cucumbers as well. Not sure exactly how this will work out as the cucumbers usually totally cover a trellis but I thought maybe the flower heads being so big would peek out. I figure with a bit of help I can move the cuc vines to let the glad flowers come out. Since my cucumbers are so small on this trellis yet, doesn't look like I will have to worry about seeing the blooms.


PioneerPreppy said...

My wife is a bulb collector too and tends to stash or plant them in the worst places she can think of. Like my garden. Then she comes running out telling me not to till some section. I wait till she's at work to till now.

sandra hagan said...

Beautiful and grand ideas of simplicity in nature. Doable! Thank you!

Sandy said...


Those trellis' and tomato cages work for everything!!!
Beautiful flowers :-)

Kev Alviti said...

My fridge is always full of plant or animal stuff. Currently ot only has the spray for the sheeps feet but it has quite a lot of wood for my trees over winter. I've been made to promise I'll get a fridge in my new shed whem its built.
Your blog post pictures from the other day have inspired my post for today!