Plums, garden stuff, two me's

Ever wonder who your talking to on a blog? I do and I enjoy seeing who every one is.. soooo
This is farmer Texan :O). I had been outside for a couple hours working when I came in to put up the plums. Honeyman said I should take a pic with my get up on as he called it and my dishpan. This is the way he usually finds me when he gets home from work lol covered in dirt, hair going everywhere, total mess lol, been outside as much as I could be all day doing this and that ... I always tell him sorry I look like something the cat drug in the back door but I have been busy ROFL..(except on the days I work on drapes)

I love that enamelware dishpan it makes me think of my grandma that raised me. She picked the garden with a dishpan very much like this one. Ok so this is the worlds worst picture but it was hard to take in a mirror holding a big dishpan which honeyman insisted had to be in the picture ROFL... Would have had him take it but he was busy cutting broken tree limbs from earlier storm damage. I managed LOL... Taken today.. I am pretty sure as soon as Vogue sees this I will be getting a call right away! They are going to want in on this new fashion trend  :O) ... rofl rofl

What a difference a shower makes and a different "get up" as honeyman said lol...
This is from this last winter, right before my 50th birthday in January. This is Interior Designer Texan, dressed for work. I was headed down to the Design District in Dallas to pick up some stuff . New outfit so took these to send to my best bud so she could see it.

I got quite a nice little group of stuff today from the garden. Since my other plums I picked  have ripened to a beautiful Merlot color I decided to pick the rest of the ones on the tree that the bugs had not eaten up, bring them in and let them ripen as well! Honeyman  said the plums were super good flavor, though small. I for sure have enough to do plum sauce between the two pickings!

A nice picking of blackberries this morning, few Jalapenos, Zucchini gold and striped, to sad little tomatoes, some asparagus which is still making a bit.
 I took this picture just for Mr. Preppy. See 8 filled my whole hand.

 This is the last couple days of Zuchs including today's pick. The striped Zuchs are in over drive :O) We eat Zucchini  every day now :O). Just wanted yall to see this pile :O)


TexWisGirl said...

hello, you. :)

Ian H said...

Somehow, methinks you look more natural with the tub of plums! :-}

Texan said...

LOL Ian I am much more "me" like that :O). I am my happiest in the dirt it seems :O)

PioneerPreppy said...

Ya know if you had put on a half shirt you could have posed with a tractor for one of my Tractor time posts. You were almost in the required tractor girl uniform there :)

I know a tractor modeling gig on my blog isn't exactly "Vogue" but hey gotta start somewhere.

I still think you are blowing those berries up in photoshop :)

They are too friggin big.

Laura B. said...

OMG!! THE blackberries are so amazing!!!
That pan is a lot like the one MY grandma used to pick garden with (LOL)
Miss you!!
It's guess what -- raining (no really) again !!
It's coming down in buckets and it's mixed with hail.
I estimate about an inch in 1 hour!!
Plants are growing like mad, so is the grass, but too wet to mow!!
Hope you had a good week!

Kev Alviti said...

You are not what I expected to be honest! All I can say is Honeyman is a lucky fella!

Texan said...

LOL Kev, its fun to see someone you have talked with but not seen :O)and thank you.

Texan said...

Mr Preppy,
Photo shopped pffft :O), you need to get you some of these bushes LOL . Think I will have to pass on the gig in one of your tractor time post LOL but thanks for the offer.

Texan said...

Hey Tex wise girl, Hello back at ya, hope all is well over at your place.

PioneerPreppy said...

Your giving up a great opportunity there Texan. You could go far with cut off shorts, a plaid shirt tied off at the belly and those boots. Why you may even get fan mail :)

Texan said...

Rofl Preppy :O)

sandra hagan said...

good share. hope Keeper is doing well.

Henny Penny said...

Those Gladiolus are beautiful! And so are you! You look adorable there with your pan of plums. I love my old granite ware pans and use them for picking too. That's so funny about using the frig to store gardening stuff. You really are amazing! Missed several of your posts but just enjoyed catching up!

1st Man said...

nice to "meet' you. Really fun to put faces with bloggers. I guess I'll have to do the same, especially since Kev challenged everyone, ha. Stay tuned this weekend!