Better way to juice and can unsweetened undiluted blackberry juice!!!

I have found the method I love for juicing and canning blackberry juice! I get a lot more juice this way, then doing the add water boil and squeeze out method. Its thicker richer juice as its not diluted with water at all. I can it unsweetened. (but you can sweeten if you want to) But I leave my unsweetened so I can use it later for drinks, making jelly, making wine, etc. etc. No limits as its seedless undiluted unsweetened juice! Plus this way the berry juice is only heated just to a boil before jarring so its cooked a lot less thus saving those all important vitamins, minerals etc.

I used my champion juicer! It works super ..  the berry pulp in the dish to the left is almost all seeds very little pulp actually. Not all juicers are the same type, I can't say if all juicers will juice blackberries this effectively but I can say the Champion Juicer does. Mine is 20 plus years old and to date the thing has never failed me. Nope not affiliated or getting anything for mentioning this juicer. Just sharing how I did this and what I used to do it. Ever so often stop and rinse out your shoot part on the juicer as the seeds will get in the upper shoot and make it harder to use your plunger. I did this for about every quart or so of juice.

 This many (washed) blackberries on a kitchen sized towel and I got 2 quarts of juice! (granted these are my kiowa large berries) but still this method gives every drop of juice.  That is amazing to me. Much more than I was getting from the add water cook on stove and squeeze out method.
 Its a thicker consistency.  The flavor as you can imagine is outstanding.

 You can kind of get a idea of the thickness by this picture of it on the spoon. Those are air bubbles you see dotted in it. Bring just to a boil on medium low heat, if you get foam gently scrape that off the top.  Put in sterilized jars your choice on size. Hot water bath for 10 minutes no matter what size jar you use. Pints or Quarts both go at 10 minutes my book says.
 So all in all it took me only a few minutes to juice out 4 quarts and one Pint and half jar of juice!


Laura B. said...

You are so smart. Love the way you just lay things out there like you do!
Take it or leave it (lol)
Looks so good and nutritious too!
Think of all those antioxidants you'll be getting in one glass.
A girlfriend I've had for years just bought a new place only 1 mile from me with 10 acres. It already has a place for a half acre garden with a watering system (what a concept huh? ROFL).
Guess what we'll be doing this year? She said it's not too late to plant so we'll be doing some planting here shortly
Tomato plants can be bought already started, but some seeds will have to be planted.
Already looking for organic (non-gmo) green bean, cucumber, and green pepper seeds. These things are easy to grow here in Colorado.
Got any brand name suggestions for something I can get in a store like Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart or a local garden store? Time is of the essence so we can't wait for shipping this year, but next year, I'll be asking you lots of questions.

PioneerPreppy said...

Readers will note that no picture was posted of the unsquished Blackberries next to any counter top device nor anything else. Because those Blackberries were photoshopped and are no where near the size of Texan's real life hands like she tried to pass over on us before.

I bet she stole those Blackberries she is canning from her neighbors :)

All joking aside that's a neat way of canning the juice too.

Texan said...

ROFL Mr. Preppy always the comedian.

Sandy said...


Great post on your blackberries, when I go to can juice I will try using my juicer and see if it works the same way as yours with the berries.
I like the idea of canning without water and sugar!

Phuong said...

That is an astonishing amount of juice. Does your juicer work well with carrots and celery?

sandra hagan said...

Good practical idea!

Eli Joseph said...

This juice looks delicious and nutritious. I will definitely give it a try at home. I am very health conscious person and take healthy Green supplements to get essential nutrient and vitamins which is not possible through daily diet.